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Why You Need Address Autocomplete API

Avoid Bad Data

It keeps the wrong or incorrect data from entering your system. That further helps in the right and on-time delivery of mail pieces, reduced cost for direct mail marketing, and excellent communication with your customers.

Boost Deliverability Rate

With only the correct addresses in your system, the delivery rate also enhances significantly. As the API also provides the validity and deliverability status of the address listed.

Simplify Checkout Process

Implementing it on your checkout page can make the entire process extremely simple. If you’re an eCommerce store or offer third-party goods delivery, then it is a must for your company.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

The sooner people checkout, the lesser is the cart abandonment rate. It’s as simple as that. Plus, the API also helps reduce shopper fatigue.

Eliminate Errors

When people enter their address details, sometimes they end up putting typos or incorrect information. The API ensures that it doesn’t happen anymore.

Standardize Addresses

The API also standardizes your addresses along with suggesting verified data. In addition, it helps to keep all of your customers’ details in the format provided by the official database of Royal Mail.

Address Validation

Apart from letting the right addresses enter your system, the API can also help you cleanse your existing database.

Superior Data Quality

Every business needs to collect and store only the correct customer data in their system because the data quality determines the performance of their most business operations.

For instance, if you decide to launch a direct mail marketing campaign, then printing the number of direct mails designated to the wrong address will add useless costs to your marketing budget.

Plus, the delivery charges will also add up. Apart from that, the analytical reports of your campaigns will also be imprecise as you actually don’t know how many direct mail pieces you sent got lost on the way, delivered to the wrong addresses, or reached one recipient multiple times.

Integrating an address autocomplete API is one of the best ways to have quality data in your system and avoid such scenarios.

Reasons to Employ PostGrid's Address Autocomplete API

Secondary Unit Designators

When you integrate PostGrid with your system, it provides you with the primary user address with the secondary unit of their address like their building name, floor number, apartment number, etc.

Zero-Code Integration

PostGrid offers zero-code integration. It means that you or any of your team members can easily access and process the address autocomplete API.

Perfect Match for eCommerce

  • If you own an eCommerce website, an Address Autocomplete API can be your best friend and help you grow your business considerably. It will ease the checkout process for your visitors tired of browsing, choosing just the perfect products for them.
  • As the customer will start typing their address details, the API will show them a complete list of the related addresses. They can choose the one that accurately describes their details and get on to the next step.
  • The API prevents bad data from entering your system by requiring the users to select from the suggested verified and valid addresses. If someone fails to do so, they cannot move further to the next step.
  • It also helps to keep companies from spams. However, that’s not quite common with eCommerce websites. But mostly, what happens is that people make typing errors, leading to either late or no delivery of the selected product. And that backfires on the company, as the customers are super fast for leaving bad reviews without acknowledging their own faults.

Ideal fit for Royal Mail Post

  • PostGrid comes certified by PAF, meaning all the addresses PostGrid has in its system are approved by Royal Mail.
  • PAF stands for Postal Address File. It contains all the delivery points and postcodes of the UK. And by providing this certification to companies like PostGrid, the UK postal service ensures that they have over 29 million Royal Mail postal addresses.
  • By integrating PostGrid, you get the premise-level address data of UK residents that ensures the accuracy and deliverability of the addresses present in your mailing list.

Scalable REST API

  • PostGrid enables you to test keys in different environments before it finally goes live. This way, you can get familiar with its functioning and how the customers will benefit from it. This way, you can also ensure that your existing system remains unaffected by it.
  • PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API can streamline its functioning with your existing system.
  • You get a fully documented API with the address autocomplete API, which mainly responsible for documenting every endpoint using the open API. You can also access it in multiple languages for your ease.
  • You can scale your direct mail marketing with the Address Autocomplete API easily. It’s built to handle millions of API calls at one time. Hence, despite the size of your company, you can use the API for your requirements. So when your business and mailing list grow, it doesn’t affect the way you do business.

API Dashboard

  • You get an advanced API dashboard with the PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API. It lets you keep track of everything. From API usage, managing templates and contacts to tracking your shipped mail pieces and getting periodic analytical reports, it does it all. Hence, it provides you total control over the API and enables you to monitor everything merely from your computer screen.
  • The dashboard also provides instant access to all of your order details. That means that you can find out about your print-ready renderings whenever needed. The dashboard also comes with an option to download a copy of it for printing.
  • You can also access the activity log from your dashboard and get all the required information of shipped orders and the ones still in processing.

Detailed Analytics and Tracking

  • The detailed analytical reports that you get about your launched campaigns allow you to find out the best performing campaigns and know which one is not bringing any results or doing minimal good for your marketing goals. Based on your reports, you can improve your future direct mail marketing campaigns.
  • With the tracking details, you get to know the exact whereabouts of each of your direct mail pieces. And it helps you to update your customers about the location of their package automatically.
  • PostGrid’s API also provides a 2-day SLA, which means that each direct mail piece, which is being sent through PostGrid, will be processed and shipped within two days.

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