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International Address Validation Service

Capture the right address every time. 245+ Countries Covered.
Get Accurate Global Address Data Everytime.


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Address Capture to Improve Your Customer Experience and Website UX

Help customers enter their accurate delivery addresses in the address field and check out faster. We know how it can hamper the shopping experience when a person must complete so many steps during checkout. It can result in cart abandonments, making your company lose valuable business. Luckily, address capture can save the day!

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International Address Validation Service

PostGrid’s address capture API helps you autocomplete and validate addresses of 245+ countries. Expand your business beyond the domestic borders and access precise global data. 

International address verification empowers you to ship marketing mailers worldwide, tap into new markets, and create a vast network of international audiences. 

Using Address Capture to Help Customers Complete Transactions Faster

  • Effective address capture helps your company make customers stay on your website or mobile application. Instead of skipping the page frustrated by a lengthy checkout, you can use this automated service to increase website conversions. 
  • The address capture feature helps customers auto-fill their addresses within a few keystrokes. It saves their time and effort and allows you to generate more profits, making this tool a must-have for your business. 
  • You can employ PostGrid to capture the customers’ precise delivery data at the point of entry and block incorrect information from entering your system.

What Does Address Capture Mean?

  • When your customers type in their mailing addresses, there is a high chance they can make a mistake. An address capture API prevents this issue by filling in the details on their behalf. It is an automatic, speedy, and efficient technique to assist customers and persuade them to finish the transaction. 
  • Your business can benefit from address capture across several departments, from finance and compliance to marketing and customer retention. It allows all teams to verify data instantly and move ahead with validated databases, helping make critical decisions and grow operations. 

Advantages of Using Address Capture For Your Data Management Activities

Autocomplete or address capture API can help you expand your outreach, facilitate genuine customer relationships, and improve your brand image. You can integrate it into your system quickly and streamline all data-related activities under one roof.


Below are some primary advantages you can expect from an address capture solution:

Streamline Business Processes

  • Integrating address capture API into your system helps you facilitate logistics and customer acquisition processes. Try PostGrid’s address capture to parse, autocomplete, standardise, and validate delivery data simultaneously—at competitive rates
  • It allows your staff to coordinate more efficiently and fulfil orders on time. Using address validation solutions to spot and modify errors in your customers’ mailing addresses is an excellent way to create high-quality databases.  
  • These services help improve efficiency within internal tasks and enable your company to produce better results. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers expect fast and effective services from your end. They want to buy from a trustworthy brand that considers their expectations. You can fulfil these needs and become your customers’ favourite choices using address capture on your website. 
  • The APIs help your websites function better—offering a uniquely-curated buying experience for customers. 
  • PostGrid’s address capture is quick and scalable, processing millions of requests in seconds. It lets you avoid website slowdowns or crashes when many customers want to order something simultaneously, improving customer experience.   

Get More Customers

  • The best way to get more buyers is to serve your existing customers better. It helps improve your brand reputation in the marketplace, initiating positive reviews. An address capture software system or API helps your company achieve these objectives effortlessly. 
  • You should use the address capture feature for your data entry, order fulfilment, marketing, and other functions—to expand your outreach and increase sales. 
  • Companies see a sharp rise in the number of orders on their website when they use these automated solutions to record their customers’ mailing data. 

Optimise Data Mapping and Management

  • The most crucial asset for a company is its database, which you can enhance using address capture or autocomplete. It adds missing details, filters outdated data, includes relevant tags, etc., to help get the most out of the data. 
  • You may use the details to map your databases for administrative, advertising, and selling purposes. 
  • Compiling a valid and accurate database and frequently updating it using address capture has several other benefits. You can use it to curate personalised, location-based offers and messages for prospects to increase your marketing campaign responses. The address capture API also helps predict your sales goals and draft strategies to meet the targets. 
  • Companies having the correct address of their customers can constantly contact their audiences. It eliminates the risk of losing loyal customers to competitors and helps you generate passive income over the years. 

Save Costs

  • An incorrect address leads to several losses, including the postage cost, item price, etc. Shipping to an invalid delivery address also diminishes a brand’s creditworthiness. Use address capture to save money and maintain your reputation. 
  • You can skip repacking and reshipping items if you record the customers’ accurate mailing data with address capture and ship accurately. 

Beat the Competition 

  • Businesses can use the address capture API to improve their website design. It makes the checkout webpage look impressive and professional. Customers find such interfaces user-friendly and easy to navigate, which is a positive sign for your business. 
  • You can leave your competitors behind by employing automated solutions for your shopping website and making transaction completions painless for customers. 

Use Real-Time Address Search 

  • Real-time address data helps you stay updated and avoid mail returns. It ensures you collect the most recent customer addresses to guarantee delivery. The address capture API can assist you in running real-time checks against the Royal Mail’s PAF file.
  • You may use PostGrid’s address capture and verification software to run post-entry searches to help you add real-time data to your existing lists. 

How Does Address Capture or Autocomplete Work?

  • If you employ address capture to assist customers in entering their addresses, you get several other features, including parsing and standardisation. It allows you to use the mailing data without doing anything else manually—saving time. 
  • The solution validates the addresses simultaneously, eliminating errors and avoiding hassles during delivery.
  • PostGrid’s address capture service works in two ways: API and software. It is best to use the API integration when you want to record accurate details on another platform, like your website, app, or CRM. Use our software for post-entry verification if you need to upload some files and check them for accuracy and validity.
  • The process is all-inclusive because address capture helps performs several tasks. It helps you check the Postcode Address File (PAF), conduct a fuzzy logic correction, add missing postcodes, and determine validity. You can benefit from these features to grow your databases, broadening your audiences. 

Why PostGrid’s Address Capture and Verification Solutions Are Our Clients’ First Choice?

Our address capture API and software are suitable for all industries, including

Our high-tech features help companies accomplish their sales targets and generate high revenue. They include

Fuzzy Errors Correction

It is usual for customers to make minor mistakes while typing their addresses, like 

  • Swapped characters or words: If a customer enters 5 Close Warner instead of Warner Close, PostGrid’s address capture can fix it during the parsing and autocompleting process! It can also modify the swapped numbers in postcodes, saving you tons of postage in reshipping items. 
  • Misspellings: Spelling mistakes like Lower Wincheldon instead of Lower Winchendon can lead to delivery failures. Our effective address capture can help make the necessary corrections by checking your delivery data against the official Royal Mail database. 
  • Missed words or numbers: Hampton road instead of Hampton Court road or New Yard instead of New Bell Yard. PostGrid’s address capture process also helps us look for such minor details and correct them—making your address mail-ready. 
  • Typos: Spark&well instead of Sparkwell. These mistakes are not hard to spot, but it can take hours to modify them. Our address capture API combines several techniques, like cleansing and formatting, to find and correct them. 

Rooftop Geocoding

  • Businesses use rooftop geocoding to map their customers’ addresses for various purposes, like opening a new store or sending discount coupons. And address capture has an in-built geocoding feature to record their geographic coordinates instantly. 
  • PostGrid’s address capture also provides reverse geocoding to draw mailing addresses from the geocodes for shipping. 

GDPR-Compliant Solutions

  • Our address capture complies with GDPR and other data security standards. You can validate one or a million addresses with PostGrid securely and confidentially. 
  • Clients can modify the user permissions according to their needs and preferences, ensuring only authorised personnel can access your databases. 

Advanced Filtering Options

  • PostGrid can help you compile mailing lists before your marketing campaigns based on several demographics. It also enables you to segregate your customer data after you use address capture to gather accurate delivery information. 
  • Use parameters like commercial or residential addresses, cities, postcodes, delivery zones, etc. 


You can use address capture or autocomplete primarily to improve your logistics. But it has many underlying pros that add value to all your business functions. 

Before you select a vendor offering these automated address validation services, consider

  • The prices. 
  • Reviews. 
  • Speed. 
  • Setup and installation process. 
  • Customer support. 
  • Supporting platforms, etc. 

Luckily, PostGrid’s address capture fits all these criteria with competitive rates and lightning speeds. It can assist you in installing the software or integrating the API 24 x 7, so you can get started whenever required. 

Sign up to learn more about our address capture API and how it can be a valuable asset for your company!

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