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Wrong addresses cost you more than just money.

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  • Lost Sales Opportunities: A certain amount of mailpieces lost due to the typos may have resulted in a purchase when reached to the right person.
  • Annoyed Prospects and Customers: Delayed and wrong package delivery reflects poorly on the company’s reputation. Without an accurate database, you may lose some customers for life.
  • Loss of resources: Direct mail marketing never comes easy. It takes a lot of effort and resources to launch a direct campaign. With wrong addresses, you’re losing added indirect money in the form of resources used in the mailpieces that never reach their right recipient.  
  • Ruined Brand Image: Wrong direct mail pieces may also leave a bad impression of your brand on your customers and prospects.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Go for Address Validation Software Like PostGrid

Minimized number of returned direct mail

Integrate PostGrid’s software with your system. It’ll fetch all of your customers’ details within minimal time and check them against the official database of Royal Mail. And within minutes, all the data stored in your system will be cleaned.

This way, you can reduce the number of lost and duplicate mail pieces and minimize your bounce rate. Thus, increasing your overall returns. With an automated API, you can also reduce laborers’ number and eliminate multiple resources used in this process.

Better Quality of Addresses

You can also enable the software to correct the addresses at the point of entry. This way, only the accurate customers’ details will fill in your system. Plus, the software keeps on updating your mailing list based on the last campaign’s analytical reports. Hence, the quality of your mailing list gets better over time.

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Better communications

All the companies rely on communication for more sales. Sometimes, they’re direct; other times, they’re in the form of marketing advertisements. However, to reach your audience, you’d definitely require the correct details. But if your messages aren’t going to the right recipients, then it’s all pointless. Hence, address validation software is a necessity for businesses trying to have lifelong customers.

Save time, money, and resources

The automated system not only saves you money and resources but time. When you try to launch your direct mail campaign based on manual efforts, it takes up weeks and sometimes even months.

The automated API saves you tons of your hours spent managing the print supplies, back and forth running to the post office with tens of thousands of mailpieces, and so on. It also helps you operate everything from a single dashboard.

Reduced turnaround time

Most companies use direct mail not only for marketing but for other purposes. Some of them involve sending bills, invoices, financial statements, compliance notices, and others. PostGrid ensures two business days shipping of all of your mailpieces. With this timeline, your direct mail pieces reach your audience at the promised time.

Scalable solutions

Businesses are meant to grow, and we understand as you go on, your mailing list, along with your customer base, keeps growing too. Hence, with PostGrid, you can scale the address verification at any time. From 1000 to 1 million contacts, you can validate, parse, and standardize them all.

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