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Best Direct Mail Marketing Companies

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10 Best Direct Mail Marketing Companies For Your Business

Direct mail marketing campaigns are not easy! And, by the looks of it, you already know that since you are here looking for the best direct mail marketing companies. It is not hard to find direct mail companies for printing and delivering your marketing mailers.

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But, finding a direct mail service provider that needs to meet all your direct mail needs is a different story altogether. We have compiled a list of the best direct mail marketing companies along with their features and capabilities. 

Hence, if you have any confusion or questions about which direct mail company is best suited for your business, this article is for you. 

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing involves sending physical correspondence such as letters, postcards, brochures, etc., to generate a desired response from the target audience. Before you pick the best direct mail company for your business, let’s discuss some basic direct mail marketing requirements.

The basics of a direct mail marketing campaign are pretty simple, and all it needs are three things:

  1. Design or Branding elements to identify your business
  2. An attractive Call To Action or CTA pushes the target to take action
  3. A way for your target audience to get in touch with your business

But, as we have already pointed out, these are just the basics you need for your direct mail marketing campaigns to succeed. Suppose you want to make a considerable difference to your ROI. In that case, you must consider using only the best direct mail companies for your business instead of going for the affordable option.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective?

Many marketers believe that direct mail marketing is among one of the most cost-effective ways to convey a brand message. However, most marketers and business owners are too focused on their digital marketing campaigns.

They often fail to see the true potential of direct mail, let alone understand why they need a direct mail company to help them. Did you know that the response rate of direct mail increased by 43% in 2016?

One of the top ten marketers listed by Forbes, Niel Patel, explains that direct mail marketing is now more effective than most digital marketing campaigns. You should also know that direct mail offers a higher ROI for your business than paid search and online display ads.

In addition to this, the response rate of direct mail can get as high as 5%! We will not say that it is easy to get the maximum response from your direct mail campaigns. However, using the best direct mail marketing companies can help you.

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10 Best Direct Mail Marketing Companies

Choosing the right direct mail company for your business can make a huge difference in your efforts at direct mail ROI. But selecting a reliable direct mail service provider can be tricky. Finding one that perfectly fits your direct mail needs is ever more complex.

You’re probably wondering how you can choose the best direct mail service provider for your business. Let us help you beat this dilemma by listing out the best direct mail companies you can choose for optimising your direct mail marketing efforts.

1. PostGrid

If your business is looking for a unified system to meet all aspects of your direct mail needs, then PostGrid is your best choice. Companies in different verticals such as healthcare, finance, etc., hardly have enough time to manage their business operations.

Now, imagine throwing complex and manual direct mail marketing into the mix. It would just drain time, money, and resources from the companies. PostGrid is a direct mail company that allows you to upload a design or template to print and deliver highly personalised marking mailers.

Features and Capabilities

  • Fully Automated Direct Mail System: PostGrid offers a fully automated direct mail system. It enables you to automatically personalise, print, and deliver your direct mail. In addition to this, you can also schedule when to send mail and even set up triggered direct mail.
  • Address Verification Tool: Apart from a fully automated direct mail system, the direct mail company also offers an address verification API. It lets you validate the deliverability of your addresses by comparing them against Royal Mail’s official address database.
  • GDPR Compliance: PostGrid comes with GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation compliance which ensures the valuable data of your customers and prospects remain secure.
  • Geocoding: One thing that makes PostGrid one of the best direct mail companies in the UK is its ability to geocode addresses. It enables you to identify patterns and target specific localities for direct mail marketing.
  • Address Autocomplete: You can implement the address autocomplete feature on your website, landing pages, and even mobile apps. The system automatically suggests verified addresses to the user based on the information they enter in the form and their location data.

2. PsPrint

PsPrint is a direct mail company that offers top-quality direct mail service at a budget-friendly price. Businesses can print various types of custom marketing mailers. Additionally, it uses a simple system that even a middle schooler can use to choose a direct mailer, upload a design, and attach a relevant mailing list.

Features and Capabilities

  • On-Demand Mailing List: Are you holding yourself back from implementing a direct mail campaign for your business because you don’t have a mailing list? With a direct mail company like PsPrint, you can get a mailing list in under 15 minutes by answering a few simple questions.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: If time is a significant consideration for your direct mail marketing campaign, PsPrint might be your best choice. It has a turnaround time of 2 to 5 days after placing the order. 
  • Mail List Processing: Apart from the various direct mail products, PsPrint also offers mail list processing such as inkjet addressing and postal resorting.
  • Direct Mail Finishing: The direct mail company offers advanced print finishing services such as die-cutting and foil stamping. If you want to know other print finishing methods for your direct mail, click here.

3. Gunderson Direct

Gunderson Direct can be a good fit for businesses that feel more comfortable with an experienced direct mail company. The company has sent more than 1.5 billion mailers! A speciality of this direct mail provider is that they provide strategic partnerships for continually improving your marketing campaigns.

Features and Capabilities

  • Strategic Expertise: As an industry expert, Gunderson Direct offers strategic helps you form advanced direct mail strategies for your business. Hence, the direct mail expert helps you perfect your direct mail campaigns and optimise them for better results.
  • Vast Data Network Providers: One thing that makes Gunderson Direct an ideal direct mail partner is its enormous data network providers. It allows you to target a wide range of audiences throughout the UK and beyond.
  • Budget and Timeline Management: Are you a business owner who finds managing your direct mail budget and timeline hard? If yes, the direct mail company will help you out by creating a direct mail plan specific to your budget and timeline requirements.
  • Performance-Focused Analytics: With the performance-focused analytics from Gunderson Direct, you get valuable insights that can help you minimise your expenses and boost productivity.

4. MailShark

Mail Shark is one of the best direct mail marketing companies you can choose for taking care of your direct mail campaigns. The best thing about Mailshark is that it can handle every aspect of your direct mail campaign, from design to print to delivery of your marketing materials.

Features and Capabilities

  • Diverse Mailing Options: Some of the mailing options available from Mailshark include targeted direct mailing, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM for US addresses), and even a mailing program for new movers. 
  • Professional Guidance: The direct mail company provides professional guidance from direct mail marketing experts to create the perfect strategy for your business.
  • Custom Direct Mail Marketing Solutions: Custom solutions are another nifty advantage you get from a direct mail service provider like Mailshark. The custom solutions from Mailshark are suited to your requirements and budget.

5. Vistaprint

The best thing about Vistaprint is that it doesn’t require you to sign any contracts. So, if signing a contract or making an upfront payment is a dealbreaker to your business, then Vistaprint is your best option. However, there is a catch. You can only print postcards using Vistaprint.

Features and Capabilities

  • Over 4000 Postcard Templates: Vistaprint offers a whopping 4000 postcard templates for you to choose from. 
  • Highly-Targeted Mailing Lists: Don’t have a mailing list for sending your marketing mailers? Worry not because the direct mail company provides you with highly targeted mailing lists based on demographic data.
  • Drag And Drop Designing Platform: Vistaprint offers a convenient drag-and-drop designing platform that even a child can easily use to design marketing mailers.
  • 24-Hour Customer Support: With Vistaprint, you get 24-hour customer support, so you can always depend on them to help you with any roadblocks.

6. Cactus Mailing

Cactus Mailing may not be the most significant direct mail company we have listed here. But, they are famous for their quality direct mail designing, printing, and mailing services. 

It gives you access to a humble tool where you can upload your designs and use targeted mailing lists for direct mail marketing campaigns. 

The downside is that the company does not offer an advanced design tool like its competitors.

Features and Capabilities

  • Smart Marketing Concept: The direct mail company combines digital tools like landing pages and Google display ads with direct mail marketing materials like brochures. 
  • No-Obligation Direct Mail Plans:  Smart Marketing service from Cactus Mailing provides you with a no-obligation direct mail marketing plan and attractive discounts.
  • Help In Improving Brand Awareness: Cactus Mailing offers special services to help businesses improve their brand awareness and boost sales through direct mail marketing.

7. Next Day Flyers

Suppose yours is a company that often runs high-volume direct mail campaigns. In that case, Next Day Flyers could be the perfect direct mail company for you. The company lets you send all mailers, including brochures, postcards, etc. 

With two production facilities on either coast, the company can ensure a quick turnaround time for your direct mail campaigns. However, there are other ways you can speed up postal mail delivery, and you can read all about them here.

Features and Capabilities

  • In-House Postal Service: One thing that makes Next Day Flyers stand out from the rest of its competitors is its in-house postal service. However, you can choose not to mail your marketing materials and collect them directly from the direct mail company.
  • In-house Graphic Designers: By employing Next Day Flyers for your direct mail marketing. They help you choose the perfect size, fold style, coating, etc., for your marketing mailer. However, the design service comes with an additional fee.
  • Rent Targeted Mailing List: With Next Day Flyers, you can rent out their targeted mailing lists for your direct mail campaigns. Even if you use your mailing lists, the direct mail company will help you ensure their deliverability by verifying your mailing addresses.

8. Modern Postcard

Established in 1994, Modern Postcards is among the oldest direct mail companies on this list. It is one of the few direct mail service providers that tend to the needs of small, mid-market and enterprise-level businesses. 

They print all kinds of direct mail marketing materials, including postcards, booklets, business cards, calendars, and more.

Features and Capabilities

  • Direct Mail Retargeting: The direct mail company offers a feature that lets your business send postcards automatically to lost website visitors. It is an effective way for businesses to reengage with their prospects even after failed conversions.
  • Dedicated In-House Team: Modern Postcards has a dedicated in-house team that works personally with its clients. The group provides expert direct mail marketing services in every aspect, including design, print, and delivery of mailers.
  • Advanced Postal Analytics: Advanced postal analytics is one of the many direct mail marketing features offered by Modern Postcards. With advanced analytics, the direct mail company ensures timely delivery of your mailers while minimising your expenses.

9. SaaSMQL

SaaSMQL is unlike any direct mail companies we have discussed in this so far. Why? Because, unlike other direct mail companies, SaaSMQL provides direct mail services to SaaS businesses only. 

Another noticeable characteristic of SaaSMQL is that it combines online and offline marketing channels. They use direct mail as the primary channel for initial engagements because of its high response rate.

Features and Capabilities

  • Triggered Direct Mail Sequence: One of the specialities of this direct mail company is that it can integrate so well with a business sales funnel. It accurately begins a direct mail sequence at the right time and prospect and maintains a consistent workflow.
  • Package Deliveries: If you ever want to make an unforgettable impression on your target audience, you can send them a package instead of a letter. SaaSMQL is one of the rare direct mail services that lets you send parcels to your customers and prospects.
  • Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns & Analytics: SaaSMQL is a perfect direct mail company for targeted direct mail campaigns. It has a superior analytic capability to optimise your campaigns and perfect your direct mail targeting.

10. PostcardMania

PostcardMania is an all-rounder direct mail company that can fit perfectly for first-time and expert direct mail marketers. One of the specialities of PostcardMania is its high-quality targeting and optional matching ads on social media. 

Features and Capabilities

  • Superior Customisation Options: Customising your direct mail marketing is so much easier using PostcardMania. It allows you to customise all aspects of your business’s direct mail campaign and not the mailpiece alone.
  • Robust Tracking System: The direct mail company provides a powerful tracking system for your business. What’s more, you get a sneak peek into how to respond to your direct mail marketing campaigns.
  • Upload Designs Or Hire In-House Team:  The direct mail company lets you upload your designs for printing direct mail marketing materials. However, if you don’t have a format, you can always turn to PostcardMania’s in-house design team.
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How to Choose The Best Direct Mail Company For Your Business?

Although there are several advanced and technologically superior direct mail solutions, none of them is perfect. In other words, there is no direct mail solution that works perfectly for every business. The ideal choice of direct mail company for your business depends on your unique requirements.

However, here are some of the best features that can work for your business’s direct mail marketing regardless of which industry vertical it belongs to.

Full Direct Mail Automation Capability

You can not go wrong with a fully automated direct mail solution. It saves you a whole lot of time, resources, and money while getting rid of any chance of errors. In addition to this, an error-free process leads to maximum deliverability and minimum return rates.

Address Verification Capability

At this point, an address verification capability is a must for all the best direct mail companies out there. Your postal mail process is incomplete with an address verification capability because you can’t be sure your mailing lists are accurate. Hence, address verification is needed to ensure maximum deliverability and response rate for your direct mail campaigns.


Another critical aspect of choosing the best direct mail company is its certifications. For instance, the healthcare industry puts the safety of patient data above anything else. In the UK, we already have data protection rules like GDPR. Whereas in the US, patient data is protected by HIPAA regulations.

At PostGrid, we have worked with numerous healthcare companies because we are compliant with data protection rules like GDPR and HIPAA. One of our clients – a healthcare company- sent regular and consistent direct mail to its patients using PostGrid. We successfully integrated our system with the client’s CRM for sending triggered mailpieces, effectively minimising patient response downtime.


Choosing your ideal direct mail service provider from the best direct mail marketing companies is easier said than done. On the bright side, there are so many diverse direct mail service providers that there is a perfect fit for all businesses and industry verticals.

Some features that you can look for in a direct mail service include full direct mail automation, address verification, and relevant certifications. In addition to this, businesses must also consider their unique requirements.

For example, if you want advanced bulk mailing capabilities, you need to pick a direct mail tool like PostGrid. PostGrid offers full direct mail automation, ensuring your bulk mailing is always on time.

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