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commercial printing companies uk

Top 8 Commercial Printing Companies in the UK to Ease Your Print Activities

The print industry in the UK seems to grow every year because of its latest innovations and developments. We can credit the rise in global trade for pushing the demand for printed products, like documents, marketing letters, banners, exhibition materials, etc.

commercial printing companies uk

Other possible reasons for the high demand for print items and commercial printing companies are:

  • Increasing competition in every sector
  • Rising customer expectations and the need to offer customer-centric services
  • The need to create more impactful marketing strategies across various offline and online channels, etc.

In 2021, the estimated value of the print industry was £9.1 billion. More businesses are opting to use the services of commercial printing companies UK to boost quality and deduct costs. Also, such solutions allow businesses to expand their reach and connect with more prospects.

All commercial printing companies have different features and costs. You should select the right vendor depending on your requirements and budget. Furthermore, try choosing a company that provides innumerable customisation options and high-tech features.

In this article, you will learn what is a commercial printing company and how to select the best one. We will also discuss why it is high time to outsource your print activities to ensure efficiency and scalability!

What Is a Commercial Printing Company?

First, let’s talk about commercial printing, a popular term among all businesses from every sector. It means printing items for companies for various purposes, like retail, marketing, compliance, etc.

There might be copy and print shops around you. But, they only print in limited quantities and do not offer specialisation. However, commercial printers provide bulk printing services and variable data printing. Also, they can help you with anything, from lithography and digital to large-format printing.

Some commercial printing companies like PostGrid also offer other features, like API integration and mail fulfilment. But, every industry has different printing requirements, and here are a few examples:

A real estate agent may need the following items

  • Open house boards
  • Marketing flyers
  • Home inspection reports
  • Purchase agreements and renewals, etc.

On the contrary, a financial services business may employ commercial printing companies to print these materials:

  • Customer relationship letters
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Onboarding letters for new clients
  • Terms and conditions sheets, etc.

Reasons You Must Use the Services of Commercial Printing Companies UK

Using commercial solutions for printing your marketing and transactional items is a need. They help you grow your business and compete with other companies effectively.

So, if you are still thinking about whether you need to look for a ‘commercial printer near me,’ here are the factors why you must:

Make an Excellent First Impression

When you send an item to a potential customer, it represents your brand. Hence, there is a lot of pressure on a small postcard or a marketing letter to create a fantastic first impression. But, you can do it right by sending top-notch quality materials with vibrant colours and sharp graphics.

Customers perceive your brand as good or bad based on how well your mail items look. Therefore, it is a must to outsource your print tasks to commercial printing companies that have the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

Use Scalable Solutions

Scalability is a crucial factor you must look for in large commercial printers. You cannot know how many materials you may need for specific campaigns. Hence, select a well-equipped vendor that provides high-quality prints with super-fast delivery.

Luckily, many commercial printing companies UK like PostGrid are scalable. For example, our direct mail API can handle millions of requests simultaneously. It has no maximum limits, and you can print any number of items at any time.

Cut Expenses and Save Time

Often, it is hard to print more than a few items in-house. You need a dedicated office space to install state-of-the-art printers that can print all types of materials conveniently. Also, you require extra human resources and more time for the same. Using the solutions by commercial printer companies helps you avoid heavy investments like these and print more flexibly.

But imagine that you need large standees for an upcoming trade event. After all, UK exhibitions attract over 13 million attendees annually, and 20% of these visitors are from international locations. If you participate in such trade events, you need standees, banners, advertising postcards, invitations, handouts, etc.

Luckily, commercial printer companies like PostGrid offer impeccable printing solutions to help you print materials to spread the word about your participation and increase booth footfall. Also, you can do all that at industry-best pricing because PostGrid offers the most affordable rates across the country.

Get Numerous Customisation Options

Customisation is another significant reason you search for ‘commercial printing near me.’ PostGrid’s direct mail services enable you to customise your items any way you want. You may select one of our pre-built templates and design your materials within minutes. It gives you enough freedom to experiment with different layouts, insert your brand logo, add elements, etc.

8 Commercial Printing Companies UK to Help You With Your Print Requirements

Now that you know why you need commercial printing for your regular operations, here is a list of seven vendors you can choose from:


PostGrid is one of the top commercial printing companies with several branches spread globally. It offers print and mail fulfilment for your advertising and transactional items.

PostGrid provides commercial printing to numerous sectors, including:

  • Insurance
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Nonprofits
  • Banks and financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate.
  • Education, etc.

The best part is that you can integrate PostGrid’s direct mail API into your system. Thus, you can place orders for printing and shipping items from your CRM, allowing your staff to work more efficiently.

It is also among the few commercial printers that assist you in everything from design to mail tracking. Hence, you can cut costs by paying all-inclusive rates and maximise ROI by sending the best quality materials.

Here are some more features of our all-in-one commercial print shop:

  • Zapier integration: PostGrid helps you integrate with over 1600 apps using the Zapier integration. It is one of the most effective ways to reach more prospects and expand your customer base.
  • A vast network of printers: PostGrid’s extensive range of commercial printing companies helps you print attention-grabbing and memorable materials. Also, it lets you customise your orders and incorporate variable data printing painlessly.
  • Address verification: Our commercial print shop also provides direct mailing services. Moreover, it ensures that your mail items reach their correct destinations. Therefore, PostGrid offers free address verification on all print and mail orders to help you prevent lost pieces and returns.
  • Mail tracking: You may track your mail items in real-time by navigating your PostGrid dashboard. Thus, you can save the effort of entering tracking numbers on the Royal Mail website and waiting for an update.
  • Campaign monitoring: One of the crucial factors you must look for in commercial printing companies UK is whether you can check your analytics. PostGrid allows you to access the campaign reports and insights, helping you know your ROI and plan future programs.

One of our clients expressed their concerns and objections to our sales representatives during our regular coffee meetings. They said they want to send thousands of documents monthly to national and international destinations. Unfortunately, not all commercial printing companies UK offer highly-flexible plans to help businesses send their items anywhere they want.

We solved their issues within a few minutes. We started by explaining how PostGrid supports international printing and mailing to 245+ countries. Also, our solutions are scalable and can accommodate their ever-growing needs, enabling them to ship in bulk with the same efficiency.

Our representative also helped them integrate our API into their CRM, from where they can draft, print, and ship their documents in just a few steps. PostGrid supports several popular integrations, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Marketo, etc.

Trade Printing

Trade Printing is best known for the printing of several types of materials, including:

  • Calenders
  • Notepads and notebooks
  • Church envelopes
  • Luxury business cards
  • NCR books and pads
  • Timesheets
  • Prospectuses
  • Labels and stickers, etc.

It is among the best commercial printing companies UK for business stationery and branded materials. Moreover, they offer free delivery of your items across the UK and Ireland.

Apart from fast turnaround times, it also provides you with Adobe templates. They have different rates for all products, ranging from £20 to £100.

Metro Commercial Printing Ltd

Metro is a big name in the design field, from website design to digital artwork. However, it is also in the commercial printing business for a long time, offering:

  • Litho printing
  • Branded workwear printing
  • Large-format printing
  • Digital printing, etc.

Metro commercial printing is based in Watford, but it delivers to all locations in the UK on time.

City Printing

City Printing is also among the best commercial printing companies and specialises in large-format print materials, like PVC and pull-up banners. It also provides printing services for marketing, booklet, and business stationery materials. Its prime features include environment-friendly printing and a wide range of collaterals.

If you need items with intricate finishing, you can opt for City Printing digital commercial printer because it provides:

  • Saddle Stitching
  • Squarebacking
  • Wiro Binding
  • Laminating
  • Traditional Foiling
  • Digital Foiling
  • Die Cutting
  • Duplexing
  • Perforating
  • Embossing
  • Drilling
  • Handwork
  • Padding, etc.

Also, City Printing takes pride in working with solicitors, financial offices, charities, local companies, university students, and event planners. Their target audience includes businesses and individuals looking for fancy and appealing prints. Hence, it is among the go-to commercial printers, primarily for fundraising events, parties, weddings, etc.

O’Sullivan Printing

This commercial print shop is situated in Southall, West London, and offers innovative printing to small and medium-sized businesses. It can help you with orders of all sizes and types. Their list of printing services includes:

  • Menus
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Leaflet printing, etc.

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O’Sullivan Printing’s commercial printers use the latest PC and Mac technology for pre-press and post-press processes. It allows you to put your vision on paper and conduct effective advertising among your intended audience.

Auto Commercial Printers

Auto Printers allow you to print your files in high resolution in a short period. You can send them your artwork via email or create your artwork using their online tool.

They are one of those commercial printing companies UK that provide individuals and businesses with print services for:

  • Promotional clothing
  • Stationery and cards
  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Display and exhibitions
  • Presentation folders
  • Brochures and booklets
  • Greeting cards, etc.

Auto Printers have very affordable rates and can help you print items in any quantity.

Nettl of Glasgow

Nettl has a digital production centre in Glasgow city for short-run and quick print jobs. And it has a litho production facility out of town for large-scale production, making it one of the most specialised commercial printing companies.

It offers a wide range of printing services, from signage to small-sized items like flyers and cards. Nettl claims to print on any surface you want; it doesn’t matter if you need a print on aluminium panels or huge cut-out cardboard.

However, this commercial print shop does not offer mail fulfilment services. Thus, ensure to dictate your needs in advance before making a decision.


Dornans provides bespoke commercial printing services out of Oldham. It is best known for printing materials for the education and hospitality sectors. But it also tends to several other fields, like medicinal and construction.

Also, it differentiates itself from other commercial printing companies with its customer-centric approach. Dornans employ the latest technology to mix their expertise with innovation and produce eye-catching print items.

Moreover, you can print all kinds of advertising pieces, like display stands, branded notebooks, magazines, etc. It also allows you to produce and mail your items directly to customers if you need them.

You should know that not all commercial printing companies UK provide mailing fulfilment. Hence, if you are looking for door drops and other direct mail solutions, try using PostGrid’s direct mail API. It also lets you fetch data from your system and auto-fill information to print personalised items.

Therefore, consider your needs in-depth before you select the best commercial print shop for your daily operations. Also, consider the costs carefully because some companies might ask you to sign long-term contracts. Fortunately, PostGrid has several membership plans you can choose from without any commitments.


Most companies employ commercial printing companies to save money and refrain from investing in print equipment. However, these vendors offer many more advantages like various types of printing, customisation, and finishing.

We hope this piece helps you choose the top commercial printing companies UK to outsource your print activities for various occasions and purposes. Some of them, like PostGrid, enable you to get everything done online, increasing efficiency. Furthermore, PostGrid offers a 2-business day SLA to allow you to process orders almost immediately.

Our professionally-built design templates and API integration help customers conduct on-demand and bulk printing.

Want to know more about how commercial printing companies like PostGrid can transform your print works? Request a demo now!

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