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How to Stand Out and Improve Customer Engagement With Custom Envelope Printing?

When planning a direct mail campaign, you may overlook your envelope’s design and feel! But, 49% of people agreeing their attention spans are declining. Hence, custom envelope printing is the need of the hour to keep them hooked!

You may work hard to draft the perfect marketing offer for your prospects! And you may get the ideal artwork to entice your audience and motivate them to reply.

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But your envelopes are the first thing they see! The envelope design dictates how a recipient treats your mailer— A business letter, junk mail, or an exciting marketing item!

PostGrid lets you create custom-printed envelopes in the UK with many customisations! Select different sizes and material options based on your preferences and mailing goals.

This article discusses everything about custom-printed envelopes—and how you can print yours!

Why Use Custom Envelope Printing?

Businesses use tailored envelopes to mail their marketing and transactional correspondence items. And here’s why:

High Open Rates

The envelope design can make or break your mailing campaign. An attractive envelope makes recipients curious about its contents. It increases your open rates and ensures they read your message.

Beat the Competition

Leave your competitors behind with customised envelopes with vivid colours and designs. Get high responses and better recall rates by adding a signature touch to every mail piece!

Make Your Audience Feel Special

Nothing portrays “we value you” more than sending a tailored mailer.

When recipients see your custom envelope in their mailbox or on the porch, they will appreciate the effort you put into it. Thus, you can make recipients feel special and engage them for a long time!

Improve Your ROI

Most custom-printed A4 envelopes are costlier than regular ones but guarantee a positive ROI! Increase brand awareness, get more leads, and boost revenue by spending a little more.

Also, PostGrid’s print and mail API makes it affordable and speedy to place your orders online! Companies can reinstate their brand identity and improve visibility using custom-printed envelopes for every campaign.

Different Types of Custom-Printed Envelopes

Envelopes come in various types to fit your needs, including—

  • Business envelopes: These envelopes look elegant and display professionalism. They usually have only one-sided printing with minimal words. You may use business envelopes to ship contract agreements, legal documents, associate letters, and other formal correspondence. 
  • Invitation envelopes: Stuff your invitation postcards into these custom envelopes to get more people at your seminars, product launches, or other events!
  • Pocket envelopes: They are apt for small-sized postcards or one-page letters. A pocket-sized custom-printed envelope costs less. It also looks unique and more appealing than bland, white envelopes.
  • Window envelopes: Choose between windowed or non-windowed envelopes to highlight some contents. Windowed items have small, rectangular flaps, helping the reader see what’s inside.  
  • Full-colour envelopes: These items are bright with one or multiple colours to make your mail attention-grabbing. 
  • Special finish envelopes: Some custom-printed envelopes have embossed letters, cut-outs, or gloss coating. 

Choose your envelope type according to what you want from a campaign and whom you want to mail. Be clear about your goals to manage your budget better and order personalised envelopes.

What Should You Look For When Using Custom Envelope Printing?

Several distinct features make a custom envelope result-driving and effective!

Here is how they differ from regular envelopes:

CMYK Processing

You can say goodbye to your traditional, black and white envelopes with CMYK designs. PostGrid’s automated direct mail services let you upload your artwork for printing and mailing or create one with our template editor.

Either way, you can choose your custom envelope colours, customise the designs, and get high-quality outputs!

Our web-to-print mailing solutions bring your digital designs to life, guaranteeing better response ratios.

Brand Logo

Before choosing a vendor to prepare your custom-printed envelopes, consider its variable data printing capabilities. PostGrid helps you add your contact details, company name, and brand logo to your mailers.

We provide variable address printing to let you print your recipient’s delivery addresses on the envelopes without your manual intervention!

Full-Colour Designs

Most customised envelopes have only 35% of the printed area. But you can choose whether you want fully-colour or partially-coloured artwork based on your choices.

Full-colour designs allow you to print more freely with bleed dimensions.

Envelope Sizes

Different envelope sizes are ideal for sending promotional materials or compliance documents.

The size also depends on the Royal Mail guidelines for hassle-free and accurate shipping.

  • C4 envelopes: You may use custom envelope printing for C4 items when your letters measure nearly 324 mm x 229 mm. They can fit an unfolded A4-size paper—enabling you to ship your mail items without creasing.
  • C5 envelopes: These envelopes are equal to the size of an A5 paper. You can use them for sending postcards, flyers, or leaflets.
  • DL envelopes: DL custom-printed envelopes accommodate your folded documents or business letters. Its size is equivalent to an A4 paper folded three times.

Companies use many more envelope sizes and types to mail to their suppliers, business partners, customers, and prospects. Talk to our sales team to discuss your needs and get a quote!

Number of Sides

You can select the double-sided option to print on both sides of your custom envelopes in the UK or the flaps.

Printing on both sides gives you the edge if you want to send a marketing mailer. Use one side to mention the mailing address and your company information.

Cover the other side with enticing teasers, a checklist, or an offer! It summarises what is inside the custom-printed envelope and sparks interest among recipients.


Choose a glossy or matte finish for your custom-printed A4 envelopes to suit your message.

Stick with simple yet eye-catching matte envelopes for formal communications. Otherwise, select varnish finishes to make your mailers impressive and effective.

Standard or Express Shipping

Do you need mailing fulfilment services with custom envelope printing?

If yes, PostGrid can enable you to ship your mailers after preparing them! Our all-in-one solutions ensure your envelopes securely and speedily reach their destinations.

You may choose between standard or fast shipping for your campaigns. Since we provide a 2-business day SLA, speed is never an issue!

PostGrid’s Print and Mail Automation Solutions for Custom Envelope Printing

B2B and B2C businesses use our printing and mailing services for offline marketing and communications. We help them prepare and ship many items, like postcards, letters, and newsletters.

And we work with several reputed commercial printers across the UK and worldwide. Thus, you can also print flyers, brochures, catalogues, and corporate gift items.

So how to begin?

You may integrate our print and mail API into your CRM or website. It allows you to design mailers and place orders directly from your platform for any volume. This method makes custom envelope printing and sending mail items a breeze.

Our API integrations let you collect your prospect or client information from the CRM and auto-fill mailers. You can also download and export your mailing lists—for accurate record-keeping and follow-ups.

Or you may download our software to upload your files, order custom-printed envelopes, and launch campaigns!

“PostGrid is simple to use and effective. It never lets us down about the mail quality, deliverability, or client service.”

The above review is by one of our old clients in the retail sector. This company runs a popular boutique in Edinburgh and sends fabulous-looking, custom envelopes to every client.

Its goal is to thank all in-store visitors for forming valuable company-customer relationships.

Recently, the operations manager met with us for one of our regular coffee meetings. They discussed how the company wanted to start sending promotional mailers to prospects around the city. Also, they wanted custom-printed envelopes with well-written marketing letters.

Within the upcoming four days, they launched their campaign online using the CRM integration they were already using! PostGrid provided the client with high-tech and helpful features, like

The custom-printed envelopes looked great with double-sided printing with high-resolution graphics.

And it is how the company executed a successful campaign with a 20% conversion rate—without spending too much money or time.

Sign up for more information about custom envelope printing using our automated print and mail solutions!


1. What is a custom-printed envelope?

A custom envelope differs from a regular, white-coloured envelope. It has a unique finish or embossing with more colour options and designs. This item is ideal for grabbing the recipient’s attention or establishing branding. 

2. What is the minimum volume I can order?

PostGrid lets you print and ship one or a million custom-printed envelopes and other items. There are no minimum or maximum restrictions. 

3. How long do my custom envelopes take to reach recipients?

Standard shipping can take up to a week. But express items reach the correct addresses in only one to four business days. 

4. How to print personalised items with PostGrid?

Our print and mail API lets you add variable data to your mailers during the design stage, like recipients’ names or custom offers. It automatically allocates this information to every mail item, resulting in personalisation!

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