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Without any user interface knowledge, use multiple functions like fetching data from your CRM within seconds, getting analytical reports, measuring performance, and so on. These features help you engage with your customers and prospects better and improve your B2B relationship without much effort or relying on the developer’s team.

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API Integration for Seamless
Direct Mail Processes

Forget about all the tedious tasks involved in the direct mail marketing process. From importing your mailing list to automating the further required steps to launch a direct mail campaign, PostGrid‘s API integration takes care of it all.

What Is a Direct Mail API

The API function enables businesses to incorporate their CRM or marketing platforms with direct mail software for direct mail automation.

Why Should You Choose PostGrid’s Direct Mail API?


PostGrid’s API helps you fetch tons of data within seconds to trigger and send direct mail online automatically as per the information you’ve fed into the system. This way, none of the mailpieces to be sent would get delayed. Besides that, it also helps you add value to your customer’s purchase cycle, build healthy bonds with them, and improve your returns.

Safety and Security

Your data protection is one of the main concerns for us at PostGrid. Hence, we make sure that the details of each transaction are secure. Plus, we also ensure communication safety with API integration, which only authenticates if the API key is shared. Every detail, thus shared from your side, is totally protected and secured with PostGrid.

Build Strong Bonds With Customers

As automation completes all the tedious tasks that you would otherwise do manually, you can leverage this time to personalize your direct mail and build a strong bond with your customers. Besides that, PostGrid’s automatic and triggered direct mail will help your customers know the latest discounts and offers, and receive other occasional letters. This way, your brand will always remain in front of your customers, and your returns will eventually increase.

Enhanced Engagement Rate

Based on activities or events, PostGrid will send them triggered direct mail, just like emails. These mailpieces will not just tell them about new offers and discounts, but the new product/service launched or other necessary information, if needed, through letters. It’ll help boost your customers’ and prospects’ engagement rate.

Test and Improve

PostGrid’s API automation helps you launch a direct mail campaign after thorough testing. This way, you can save yourself a lot of resources and effort, as you know which of your campaigns will work even before that’s out there in front of your potential customers. Hence, less misspending and more returns.

Better Consumer Experience

Direct mail is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness, customer engagement and retention rate, and your overall ROI. However, if you’re doing it manually, it may get in the way of creativity and productivity. PostGrid’s automation API will ensure that all of the tedious tasks linked to direct mail are done with little involvement of you, so you can spend your precious time making the overall campaign better. The triggered direct mail will further help improve the customer experience.

Easy Tracking and Analysis

After CRM integration with PostGrid, you can monitor all of your direct mail campaigns with a single dashboard. This way, you get an instant tracking notification of your direct mail, and once the campaign is launched successfully, you can also get the full analytical report on it. This way, you can improve your future campaigns and so your results.

Full Control

With API facilitating automation and full dashboard control, you don’t need to rely on your different teams and departments to complete repetitive tasks. You can singly monitor your direct mail campaigns from your computer screen. Plus, you can carry out these campaigns at any scale, depending on your need.


You may be confused that an automation system may cost you a fortune. But if you calculate the full cost of in-house teams, resources, time, and money involved in direct mail marketing when done manually, you’ll find that investing in a single automation API is a better and comparatively cheaper option available. Plus, with address verification software included and pre-launch campaign testing, you also get to save a lot of money. This way, by investing in an automation API, like PostGrid, you’re actually saving money and increasing your returns.

How Does Direct Mail API Work?

To get started with your direct mail API, you’d need to integrate it with your current CRM. Thus, it’ll fetch all the essential data of your potential and existing customers, viz., names, address, and other details, within seconds, and this information will import into the direct mail campaigns.

The only thing you’d need to do is customize a mailpiece to be sent, such as postcards, letters, or so in our in-built editor or using one of our templates from the resources’ library and set up a trigger event. This way, you can automate your direct mail campaigns.

Grow your business with our API integration and boost your brand awareness with triggered direct mail.

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What Are the Features of Direct Mail API?

Full Integration

With PostGrid, you can integrate your CRM, software, or other websites. This facet helps you import all of your customers, prospects, clients’ details, viz., names, addresses etc. With the data, thus fetched, you can automate your direct mail campaigns and eliminate all of the tedious and repetitive tasks.

Scale Any Time

With PostGrid’s API direct mail and CRM integration, you can scale your direct mail campaigns at any time. We provide on-demand printing and mailing solutions.

No Minimum Requirement

On PostGrid, we have no minimum requirement according to which you can send as little as one direct mail and as many as a million. Whatever is your need, we’ll serve your requirements.


With PostGrid’s API integration and full automation, you get enough time to personalize your direct mail and make it more creative for a better engagement rate. With the help of the dashboard, you can customize your mailpieces according to your audience.

Easy Implementation

With PostGrid, you can make and personalize all of your mailpieces, such as postcards, or letters with our in-built editor or using our template from the resource library. Next to that, setting and processing your direct mail campaigns will be quite easy to regulate, and you can monitor everything from your dashboard.

Analytical Reports

The best way to improve your future direct mail campaigns and response rate is by tracking your current promotions. On PostGrid, we provide you with full analytical reports of your launched campaigns and update your database based on the results. Leveraging this feature, you can increase your prospects’ engagement rate and get better results. Detailed tracking right from when the collateral is printed, to being processed and handed over to Royal Mail and on route to delivery.

For more information on PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions and direct mail API’s role in the increment of your ROI, talk to our experts today.

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