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As a marketer, you surely understand the importance of direct mail and how essential it is to manage their high volume. Direct mail can help you engage with your customers at a personal level. Besides that, they’re the best way to take your message right in front of the decision-makers.

Additionally, if you trigger your mailpieces according to your customers’ action, they can bring five times more engagement. Plus, with good content, you can also garner a great response rate. With the right direct mail automation API, like PostGrid, you can track and update your customers’ data with each launched campaign. It helps you target your customers better and increase your returns.

PostGrid provides you a better understanding of your prospects and campaigns and helps you control everything from a single dashboard. Furthermore, it enables you to align the entire mailing process from designing to shipping and get a better response rate with improved marketing promotions.

How Direct Mail Automation API
Benefits Your Business?

Tired of using impossible-to-use automated tools? We’ve got it all figured out.
Launch tens of hundreds of direct mail campaigns with our easy-to-use API, PostGrid.

Highly targeted

Once your audience research is complete and you know your audience demographics, you can get a ready-made verified mailing list from PostGrid. It helps you send personalized direct mail to a highly targeted audience and get better results.


By automating all of the tedious tasks involved in direct mail marketing, you can save your labour cost. Plus, with the verified addresses, you’re only sending direct mail to the addresses approved according to Royal Mail’s official database. Hence, you’re saving the money you might, otherwise, spend on the wrong mailers and reducing your bounce rate. Apart from this, we get you amazing deals per print piece and save you the stock space with PostGrid API.

Best for mass mailing

Direct mailing might be consuming your time, efforts, and resources for a long time and needing different teams for content, designs, and other works—but not anymore. With PostGrid’s ready-to-go templates, you can design your mailpieces yourselves and automate the rest of the processes.

Increase your brand awareness

With personalized letters and postcards, you can send mailers to your prospects that they can retain or pass on to their friends and family. This way, your brand name will get better recognition.


With PostGrid, you can scale any direct mail campaign at any time. For example, with the growing businesses, you may need to launch new products, and as your brand starts getting more recognition, you’d need to increase the number of prospects on your mailing list. Hence, scaling your campaigns becomes a necessity.

Better returns

When your prospects receive personalized and regular (automated) direct mail pieces, you start to get a better response rate, as the open rate of direct mail is already good. With PostGrid API, you can decrease your misspending and the resources needed for direct mail, and enhance your response, eventually your returns.

How Direct Mail Automation
Software Works?

Direct mail marketing, according to businesses, is just sending direct mail pieces. However, the real struggle begins when you want to maximize your returns and outperform your competitors with the help of your direct mail marketing campaigns. At PostGrid, we advise our clients to follow a few simple steps.

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Prioritize audience targeting
No matter how many direct mail campaigns you launch, unless you understand your audience’s real needs and problems, it can hardly bring any good results.

Focus on steps than sales
Before you start selling your prospects, you should try to build a good connection with them. With personalized occasional postcards and relevant offers based on your customer history, you can build customer loyalty.

Entice your customers with creativity
Always make your direct mail unique and a little more creative to grab your prospects’ immediate attention. And with the right copy and a clear call-to-action, you can lure your potential customers into taking action.

Direct mail marketing may seem quite simple on the surface, but it can be time-draining, and without testing and knowing the best way to cut through the crowd, you may end up wasting your time, money, resources, and efforts. With the right automated API, like PostGrid, you can drop the trouble and start getting some useful results.

FAQs About Direct Mail

Automation Software

Why should I opt for direct mail automation software when I can have it done in-house?

The automated solution ensures quality, accuracy, and security – which will boost your potential clients’ engagement and retention, and also generate more leads. By investing in an automated solution, you will save significant time, money, and staff potential, which you can use in achieving your business goals.

Why should I trust PostGrid for direct mail?

We ensure higher accuracy, security, and premium quality letter printing and mailing solution at the most competitive market price.

How will I know the status of my mailpieces?

You can track and monitor the whereabouts – right from your direct mail’ processing to the final delivery – from your dashboard.

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