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Direct Mail Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

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Direct Mail Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and yet the most effective one. It is known to be more engaging and can gather more responses as compared to other marketing forms. In this blog, we are going to discuss direct mail in detail and how it can be used to maximize results. Let’s get started.

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What is Direct Mail Marketing and How Does it Work?

The process of printing and mailing items like postcards and letters to your existing and potential customers is known as direct mail marketing. The direct mail open rate in the UK is up to 57%. It is clear that direct mail gets a lot of attention as people like receiving mail.

Typically, direct mail should include eye-catching graphics, personalized content, an exciting offer, and a compelling CTA. For boosting responses, use highly targeted mailing lists and be creative. Moreover, you should always use your previous campaign’s insights to plan upcoming campaigns. This way, you can improvise and perform better every time. Therefore, direct mail marketing is not just about printing and mailing impressive mailers to an audience, but it also focuses on tracking performance.

Types of Direct Mail

Below are some common direct mail types that companies print and mail often:


Postcards are cost-effective. Furthermore, recipients need not open an envelope to view a postcard. Hence, postcards are more likely to be seen and read by your prospects. They can be used for promoting new products, announcing giveaways, sending event invitations, and generating brand awareness.


In case you want to send longer messages, letters are your best option. It gives scope for better personalisation and helps communicate product benefits in detail.


All companies need to honour payments from time to time, and most of them still make cheque payments. Using direct mail solutions, businesses can get their payments streamlined by drafting, printing, and mailing cheques on time.


Statements are also a type of direct mail that companies need to send on a timely basis. You can customize statements with your brand logo and personalised text to make a better impact on the recipients.


Invoices are generated often, and it can get quite hectic to print and mail them every now and then. Sending invoices as part of direct mail campaigns can help lift the workload and facilitate efficiency.


Compliance notices can be about anything from directing clients to complete payments or asking employees to attend a meeting. Print and mail solutions make it easier for companies to send out notices to the right people.

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Why Should You Include Direct Mail in Your Marketing Strategies?

1. Creates Personal Connection

Direct mail marketing can help you reach out to people directly and form an emotional connection. Getting something in the mail creates nostalgia, and people are fond of it. Today, when many companies are promoting their brand online, which can only be seen over a screen, direct mail still preserves its vintage style.

2. Increases Brand Visibility

The main reason for marketing is to spread brand awareness and increase visibility. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to do that is conducting direct mail marketing campaigns. Due to its tangibility, it can be shared among a greater number of people. Moreover, many people save the mailer and probably pin it on their boards.

3. Less Competition

Even though direct mail is one of the most productive marketing forms, the new era has seen a sharp rise in companies using digital marketing. As a result, the digital space has become very crowded. Apparently, direct mail faces lesser competition. It focuses only on the relevant people and is highly capable of getting responses.

4. Generates Higher ROI

Talking about ROI, direct mail has never been disappointing. Firstly, the responses you get through direct mail are genuine and valuable. You can maintain long-term customer relationships easily through this marketing channel. Therefore, direct mail is known to generate higher ROI as compared to email and other marketing forms.

5. Gains Customer Loyalty

Once you have got some conversions, it is also important to retain those customers and develop customer loyalty. Repeat business is a major source of income for companies, which makes customer retention a very important part of their operations. Through direct mail, customer retention and loyalty are possible. All you have to do is keep in touch by sending regular direct mail – that offers value and strengthens relationships.

Other reasons for using direct mail API are that it has a wider reach, is memorable, easily traceable, and can be hyper-personalised.

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Ideas for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing can be either B2B or B2C. It is effective for both types and can work great if you have included the right things and sent them out at the right time. Some of the direct mail campaign ideas to get more engagements to include:

  • Add trackable features like dedicated phone numbers, coupons, QR codes, and pURLs to measure performance and drive your offline audience to online channels.
  • Provide value to your customers and prospects. Make them feel that your offerings are something they need and that you are here to help.
  • The CTA you include should be straightforward and easy.
  • Keep in touch with your audience by sending greeting postcards on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Keep up with the life stages of your customers.
  • Make your mailers impressive and appealing. For example, include eye-catching background images due to which your postcards are likely to be stuck on your customers’ refrigerators.
  • Invest in automated direct mail solutions like PostGrid as they can help verify addresses, measure performance, avail postal discounts and improve overall productivity.

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Do’s and Don’ts


  • Always use a targeted mailing list. Your mailing list’s quality can define the campaign’s success majorly.
  • Include an interesting offer that your intended recipients will find useful.
  • Use a creative artwork that is attention-grabbing along with an excellent copy that emphasizes more on benefits than features.
  • Add a compelling CTA that is upfront and clear.
  • Send out a few mailers for testing. Conduct large-scale campaigns only after proper testing and tracking results.


  • Do not send a mailer with mistakes. Always proofread before printing and mailing anything.
  • Do not forget to follow up with your customers and prospects after the direct mail items reach them.
  • Do not keep your direct mail marketing and online marketing activities distant. Combine several marketing channels for better results.


1. How much response rate and ROI can we expect from direct mail?

Direct mail can generate an ROI of about 29%. Moreover, postcards can generate a response rate of about 4.25%, and oversized envelopes can easily attract a response rate of 5%.

2. Can direct mail marketing be combined with other marketing channels?
Yes, it can be conducted as part of an omnichannel marketing campaign. When combined, direct mail gives better results and drives more conversions.

3. Can direct mail be personalised?
Yes, direct mail can be personalised with various features such as the recipient’s name, different offers, and more. Automated print and mail solutions have made personalisation very easy.

4. Are direct mail’s responses and conversions trackable?
Yes, if you include trackable features like pURLs and QR codes.

Direct mail marketing has always been an effective marketing strategy and can do wonders when done right. PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions can help you daft, print, and mail altogether speedily and efficiently.

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