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With PostGrid’s automation and technology, you reach the right audience on time without compromising the quality of your direct mail, security of your data, and integrity of your brand.

PostGrid helps you send postcards, letters, and cheques despite your business’s type. And with multiple targeting, tracking, verifying, and automatic functions we ensure you save a tremendous amount of time, money, resources, and effort on your direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail marketing may be a little old fashioned, but with the help of PostGrid, your business can thrive and grow to a large extent.

Why do you need a Direct Mail Service that is Automated?

When you send tangible forms of mailpieces to your prospects, customers, and clients for marketing, it’s called direct mail marketing. You can send these pieces of mail not only to people’s homes but also to companies. Direct mail supports both B2B and B2C marketing.

With the help of Royal Mail, you can send direct mail anywhere in the UK. And at PostGrid, we send your mailpieces to all the addresses with the help of the same postal solutions, and all the addresses which are present in our system are PAF, which is Royal Mail certified.

Direct mail can help your business in various ways, we have discussed a few of them below:

Build brand awareness

With the help of direct mail API and a little more creativity, you can send unique mailpieces with great content and design. This way, you can increase your brand awareness through direct mail campaigns.


PostGrid also standardizes all the addresses present in the wrong format, and you get them all according to the Royal Mail format.

Reach out to your target audience

From the greatest generation to the gen-Z, everybody understands direct mail and engages with them. All the addresses present in our system are verified from the official database of Royal Mail. Hence, your direct mail reaches the right audience.

Boost Creativity

You can customize your mailpieces according to your audience’s needs. Plus, leveraging the time you would otherwise spend doing the tasks manually, you can personalize your direct mail pieces and add more creativity to them and enhance your engagement rate.


Direct mail is a form of marketing that remains in front of your prospects for a comparatively long time and is hard to forget. For example, an online ad or an email is more likely to get the prospects’ attention for a few seconds and then it might just rest on the server and is never looked at again. However, direct mail might get onto the desk and remain there for a longer time.

Less Common

Most businesses choose not to invest in direct mail marketing as they think it’s dead and requires a lot more work than digital marketing and still is hard to track in real-time. However, if you’re using an automated API, like PostGrid, you can run your direct mail campaigns just like your digital or email marketing campaigns. Now, leveraging the fact that your competitors might not be using this form of marketing, you can outperform them by connecting with your audience on a personal level using tangible direct mail solutions.

Not regarded as a Spam

Unlike emails that may end up in the spam folder, direct mail can never be considered spam, as there’s no spam folder in anyone’s mailbox. Hence, if your mailpiece is creative and holds good value, nothing can stop you.

More Interactive
Depending on the message you want to convey, you can use direct mail and interact with your customers better. For example, if you want to show your customers your new stock, you can send them postcards to convey your short and concise messages, or you can also send letters if you want your clients to make an informed decision.

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Traditional direct mail campaigns can cost you a lot of time, money, and resources. As you’ll have to do all the tasks manually from designing and printing your letters to shipping them. Furthermore, you cannot even track every tiny detail of your direct mail’s processing.

For launching your direct mail campaigns, all of your teams will need to coordinate for the designs, approval, and fixing. Furthermore, you’ll need to go back and forth to the multiple print vendors or keep all the printing equipment and hire a team to complete these tasks in-house.

direct mail for credit unions
print brochures and catalogues

You’ll also need to verify your mailing list manually, and then go and ship all of your direct mail pieces to your customers. All of this together would cost you and your team’s productivity, a lot of resources, funds, and time. And if you add up the price and compare this investment with the fees of an automated API, you’ll realize how much you can save.

PostGrid with its free address verification software and personalized direct mail can help you grow your business in no time. With a reduced bounce rate and lost direct mail pieces, you’ll keep yourself from misspending. And by getting better per print deals from different print vendors you can also save yourself a lot of time that would otherwise go in keeping, managing, and using the print supplies for your direct mail campaigns.

Besides that, PostGrid helps your parse, standardize, and verify the data of your system, and eventually ensure higher deliverability to the target prospect.

Traditional direct mail services vs.
PostGrid’s direct mail processing

successful campaign

The traditional direct mail marketing process involve the following steps:

  • The first step of deciding the theme of the project alone takes around 15-20 days, as once the team has chosen a design it goes to the project manager for approval from where it further goes to the owner for finalization. If the owner thinks there’s something that needs to be added or removed from the design then the team fixes it and it goes for the final approval after passing the manager again.
  • The project manager then calculates the cost of the designer, content, teams, and other resources, their fees and every other necessary detail and creates the budget. Then the agency sends this budget to the project owner for approval.
  • The next step would include designing the templates and deciding what kind of copy and content would align with the client’s vision and objectives. And again it’d take around 5-7 days with all the approvals involved.
  • Then they’d prepare the drafts and get them approved with the project manager and the owner subsequently, and work on the feedback.
  • Depending on the feedback team has received, they’d fix the content and the design and send for approval again.
  • While the content team is working on the design side of the direct mail campaign, the data analyst team would work on building the mailing list and verifying it. However, doing it manually would take a lot of time as usually businesses are prone to send direct mail pieces to thousands of people.
  • Once the sample is prepared, it’ll get printed in bulk. For the bulk printing, you’d need to go back and forth to various vendors to get the best per print deal. It’ll again be time-consuming.
  • After printing, you’d need to ship all of your mailpieces in batches. Depending on the postal codes, it’ll take its own time.
  • Once your campaign is launched, you’d need to calculate the final ROI. To calculate the returns, you’d need to add the cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, and other factors, then evaluate the profit and loss. Again, calculating things manually on such a big level would cost you a lot of time.
customer relationship

However with PostGrid, you can get rid of all these tedious tasks and get it all done with an all-in-one direct mail automation API. This way, you can streamline and simplify all of your offline communications and have a qualified audience to market your product to, which in turn will increase the probability of a better ROI.

The right strategy and making the perfect use of time and resources can help you get ahead of your competition soon.

PostGrid provides you all the features you need for your direct marketing campaigns. For instance, from design templates, in-built editor, printing and shipping facility, tracking notifications, and analytical reports to dashboard control. You can have it all with PostGrid. Besides that, you can also get your data fetched from the system with PostGrid’s API integration and get your mailing list verified with our address verification software.

The address verification will check all the details with the official database of Royal Mail. This way, you get a cost-effective way of doing direct mail marketing, and save a lot of time, resources, and effort that you would otherwise spend doing all of these tasks manually.

It’ll also ensure – depending on the design and copy you choose to send to your customers – a better return on investment.

Here are a few features listed that
you’ll enjoy with PostGrid:

High-Quality Solutions

Once your mailpiece has been designed, you can get amazing per-print deals from the list of print labs available for you. From there, your mailpieces will get delivered with Royal Mail. Furthermore, your data is fully protected as we only partner with GDPR and DPA, ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 2701 certified members.

Standard verified data

With PostGrid’s address verification API, you can get your data verified with the Royal Mail’s official database. The software will clean all the information gaps that may be present in your system, your data will get parsed, standardized, and formatted. This step will ensure that all of your customers’ details are in the same right format and it shows your brand’s value and professionalism.


If you choose to launch your direct mail campaign through traditional ways, it’ll surely cost you a lot. However, if you choose to invest in an automation API, it’ll be a single investment and will also save you money by reducing your bounce rate and lost direct mails.

No-minimum requirement

With PostGrid, you can send as little as one direct mail and as many as a million mailpieces. In case you have to send an urgent direct mail, you can instantly get it printed and shipped with us.

Save funds and time

Launching your direct mail campaigns with your in-house team’s effort or hiring an agency to do it for you, both methods will cost you a fortune and a lot of time and resources. However, an automation API can make everything just a click away. So you save the time, money, resources, and effort that you’ll put in.

Save assets

All the physical, intellectual, and human resources are crucial for the growth and development of your business. But if you don’t manage them well, they can be wasted and you won’t even realize. An automated system in place will save you a lot of time, and resources that you can otherwise use for your core business functions. With an efficient direct mail solution that is automated, you can convert your promotions into a meeting with your prospects, build a bond, and connect with them on a personal level. This way, you’ll build trust, increase brand awareness, and get customer loyalty, which is bound to bring better returns for your company.

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