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Healthcare Marketing Trends: 15 Emerging Healthcare Marketing Trends of 2024

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Top 15 Emerging Healthcare Marketing Trends of 2024

Marketing in 2024 is already challenging, and it only gets more difficult if you are in the healthcare industry. It is no surprise that healthcare marketing trends are changing with time, and as we enter 2024, you can expect some drastic changes.

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The worst thing you can do in this situation is to be unprepared for these changes and trends in healthcare marketing. It is essential to clearly understand the emerging trends in marketing to ensure that your medical organization can keep up and surpass its competition.

Below we discuss the most promising healthcare marketing trends you need to look out for in 2024.

#1 Automated And Personalized Offline Marketing Campaigns

One of the most influential healthcare marketing trends in 2024 is an increase in personalized, offline marketing. Personalization is a relatively old concept in healthcare marketing. You should never use generic terms like customer or patient when addressing consumers (or patients). Most healthcare organizations are already using advanced personalization in their marketing efforts.

But when it comes to offline marketing channels, healthcare organizations tend to ignore personalization. A big reason for this is that personalizing offline marketing channels like postcards and other self-mailers is challenging. Thanks to advanced automation solutions, offline marketing is one of the best trends in healthcare marketing you can implement today.

The best thing about personalized, offline marketing is that it can help your healthcare business and its customers. However, it is crucial to maintain consistency in personalization across different marketing or communication channels. The latest healthcare marketing trends involve combining direct mail with digital marketing efforts.

Automated Personalized Direct Mail 

With easy personalization via direct mail automation solutions, more and more healthcare companies are turning back to offline marketing. PostGrid’s direct mail solution can connect directly with your website and CRM solution/address database to quickly personalize your direct mail. Automation capability makes all healthcare marketing trends easy to implement for your business.

PostGrid obtains the data for personalization directly from your database; there is no chance of a manual error. Our tool increases the efficiency of the personalization process and minimizes the return mail rate. Automation helps you implement the latest trends in healthcare marketing and secure a high overall ROI for your campaigns.

PostGrid’s variable data printing helps you print hundreds and thousands of direct mail materials without any trouble. It substitutes variable data personalization elements to make the healthcare marketing trends easily executable. Healthcare organizations can also use variable data printing for sending transactional mail, including invoices and patient statements.

Ready-to-use Templates and Designs

Another reason to use automation to support the latest healthcare marketing trends is the use of templates and layouts. You can quickly personalize and print your marketing material using a ready-to-use template and format. It means that once you create a template and design, you can use it to print hundreds and even thousands of personalized marketing materials.

PostGrid’s advanced direct mail automation tools even give you access to a free template gallery and editor. It means you can easily create a custom design and template for your healthcare business using PostGrid. You can also upload custom templates and use them for your marketing campaigns. By doing so, we help you simplify the healthcare marketing trends for your organization.

Scheduled And Triggered Mailing

Another effective way to implement healthcare marketing trends like automated direct mail is scheduled/triggered mailing. Scheduled mailing involves sending mail to your patients at pre-scheduled times. For example, you can automatically send a birthday card to your patients by planning it. It is an excellent way to cultivate loyal consumers for your healthcare brand.

Triggered mail is similar to scheduled mail because it automatically sends a personalized mailer to healthcare consumers. But here, the system sends the mail based on initiating action, such as signing up for a newsletter, discharging from your healthcare facility, etc. PostGrid allows you to use triggered mail for the flawless execution of healthcare marketing trends.

#2 Use The Latest Tech To Support Your Healthcare Marketing

In 2024, healthcare marketing trends are all set to use the latest tech to their advantage. Modern technologies, especially automation, simultaneously make healthcare marketing more effective and easy. Healthcare organizations must use the most advanced tools and software to optimize their marketing efforts and boost their ROI.

Many healthcare marketing strategies today require advanced software solutions like how you need PostGrid for personalized direct mail campaigns. While choosing the appropriate technology to support cutting-edge healthcare marketing trends, you must check a few things. You must ensure that the tech or software you use is intuitive, scalable, and easy to use.

Automate Everything

Automation is at the heart of all advanced healthcare marketing trends you can use in 2024. Now that automation is streamlining even offline marketing strategies like direct mail, it is critical to take advantage of the situation. Direct mail is a perfect example of how automation changes healthcare marketing. 

PostGrid’s direct mail automation software lets you fully automate your direct mail marketing. All you have to do is use a template, and the software takes care of everything from personalization to printing. With such advanced capabilities, it would be a mistake to ignore automation software as one of the best trends in healthcare marketing today.

Advanced Tech For Omnichannel Marketing 

Many of the most promising healthcare marketing trends involve omnichannel marketing campaigns. Today’s omnichannel marketing combines offline and online marketing campaigns. For instance, if you want to incorporate an offline marketing channel like direct mail, you need advanced software solutions like PostGrid. It ensures the consistency and flow of your omnichannel campaigns.

#3 Lead The Way With Telehealth Solutions

In 2024, telehealth solutions have a crucial role in healthcare marketing trends, and the pandemic played a vital role in this. Ever since the pandemic went rampant, people have started using more and more telehealth solutions to access healthcare services.

Even though the pandemic is practically over, many people prefer telehealth solutions for convenience. The demand for telehealth services is lower than during the pandemic. However, according to the latest trends in healthcare marketing, more and more people are now gravitating towards it. 

Appointment Reminders  

Telehealth technology offers some excellent ways to interact with your patients. Sending automated appointment reminders is one of the prominent healthcare marketing trends you can see today. You can use live chats with healthcare professionals. Besides sending the appointment reminder, the patient can use telehealth technology to discuss their test results or consult with the physician.

Clarify Other Healthcare Pathways

Although telehealth services are widely popular, most people will still want to see the doctor for more severe health issues. While telehealth is one of the most significant healthcare marketing trends, you must clarify that it’s not the only choice. Make sure the patient knows that you offer several healthcare services and that telehealth is only a part of them.

#4 Connect With Your Audience With Patient-Centric Content

Although not a new concept, patient-centric content has only become one of the significant trends in healthcare recently. The Google Helpful Content update from last year was the primary reason behind this shift. Google’s new update makes it even more strict with the content it shows the user. Only helpful human-made content appears on Google’s top results, pushing the need for patient-centric content.

Prioritize Human-Made Content

In 2024, it is more important than ever to use human-made content for your website than ever. Even if you have to use AI-generated content, edit it manually and add human elements to avoid a dip in your rankings. To get the best of such healthcare marketing trends, you must prioritize patient-centric content and eliminate spammy pages.

Strong Full-Funnel Content Strategy

Ensure that you properly execute healthcare marketing trends by creating a content strategy for every stage in the conversion funnel. It means accurately answering any customer question at the top and middle of the conversion funnel. 

Develop A Helpful Content Strategy

It is easy to formulate the ideal content strategy that meets the standards of healthcare marketing trends once you learn how to do it. Here are some quick tips for developing a helpful content strategy.

  • Make sure the content directly answers patient queries without beating around the bush.
  • Prioritize mobile viewing of your content and healthcare services with an intuitive UI.
  • Answer any related and relevant questions the patient may have about a topic.
  • Make sure to follow the SEO best practices that align with healthcare marketing trends.

#5 Utilize Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Despite best efforts, many brands fail to deliver the desired results for their marketing campaigns, even with an excessive budget and quality services. One of the primary reasons for this is the need for more consistency and appropriate tech integrations. Utilizing integrated marketing campaigns is one of the significant trends in healthcare marketing for this exact reason.

Deliver Consistent Messages Via Relevant Tech Stack 

Following the latest healthcare marketing trends can only help your healthcare business if you can deliver consistent messaging across different channels. An integrated tech stack allows you to have consistent marketing messages increasing the odds of a better marketing result.

Multichannel and omnichannel campaigns that use offline and online communication channels use proper tech stack to deliver consistent messaging. We offer an integrated direct mail solution for healthcare. PostGrid for healthcare enables you to provide marketing messages aligning with your other channels.

Create Top-Of-Mind Awareness

The proper tech stack and consistent marketing message enable you to stay on top of the audience’s mind. But, to accomplish this, you must also ensure the timing of your messaging is right. By following these trends in healthcare marketing, you can be sure that the patient immediately thinks of your business when the time comes.

#6 Advanced Healthcare SEO

SEO is one of the evergreen healthcare marketing trends you can employ for your hospital or medical institution. But you must understand that traditional SEO evolved over the years and continues to do so even as you read this. Today’s advanced SEO is essential to providing a memorable and relevant customer experience.

Educational And Informative Content

Many people turn to Google or another search engine for a quick self-diagnosis of their symptoms. Using healthcare marketing trends like informative content is essential in establishing your expertise. Creating videos, blogs etc., is an excellent way to accomplish this, and you can present it as a part of your overall healthcare services. 

FAQ Pages, Blog Posts, And Media Content

Make sure to focus on three things if the healthcare marketing trends you want to implement include SEO. FAQ pages, blogs, and media content, including videos, are some of the best ways to generate more traffic and answer their queries.

Boost The Reach Of Your SEO Content With Direct Mail

You can boost the reach and engagement of your healthcare SEO content with the help of direct mail. Modern-day healthcare advertising trends include sending a direct mail postcard with a QR code. The customer goes directly to your SEO content and boosts your engagement. But it only works if you target it right—PostGrid’s direct mail API for better targeting your marketing mailers.

#7 Use Targeted Data For Better Healthcare Marketing Results

According to the latest trends in healthcare marketing, randomly picking an audience is no longer an option. Healthcare industry audiences are not shopping for fun; they are intent on finding a reliable solution. Imagine presenting elderly healthcare services to someone in their physical prime, which can never yield a positive result.

Utilize CRM To Your Advantage

Healthcare organizations using a CRM solution can better target their audience according to the changing trends in healthcare marketing. Advanced automated solutions can seamlessly integrate with your CRM solution. For example, PostGrid’s direct mail API can integrate with your CRM solution to send personalized and targeted marketing messages via mail.

That’s not all. PostGrid’s direct mail solution can seamlessly integrate with all major CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. You can use the data from the integration to optimize your personalized direct mail campaigns. Similarly, you can use advanced solutions to keep up with healthcare marketing trends and efficiently target your marketing efforts across all channels.

Avoid Manually Feeding Data

One of the most significant advantages of using robust integrations for supporting the latest healthcare marketing trends is in feeding data. It saves you valuable time by saving you the trouble of feeding the data manually to your marketing solutions or software. Automation also allows you to use QR codes to your advantage effectively.

#8 Consumerization Of Healthcare

Healthcare is a noble business, but by the end of the day, it is still a business, and you must acknowledge it. The good news is that one of the trends in healthcare marketing you can see now is that the patients accept this consumerization. But it also means that the patients are demanding more from your healthcare business from a consumer perspective. 

Demonstrate The Value Of Your Healthcare Services

Since the current trends in healthcare marketing show that patients are acting more like consumers, you must demonstrate the value of your services. It means you must explain how your healthcare services can improve the lives of your patients and why they must choose your medical organization. The more value you can bring to the table, the more your chances of getting a successful conversion.

Ensure Cost Transparency

Industries like financial services and healthcare use trust as their foundation. Even though the healthcare marketing trends point towards consumerization, your healthcare organization can only grow with the patient’s confidence. Make it a point to ensure price transparency with your patients, especially if there is an increase in healthcare costs.

Due to the rise in healthcare costs in recent times, patients are comparing the cost of healthcare from different hospitals and other medical institutions. Maintaining transparency with your healthcare prices enables you to earn their trust and make your services more appealing. Moreover, you must also keep track of the changes in healthcare marketing trends and monitor competitor pricing.

#9 Prioritize Patient Experience

With patients beginning to take on the role of consumers, they are demanding more from your healthcare organization. According to the new trends in healthcare marketing, you must provide a friction-free and intuitive patient experience for successful campaigns. Your patients expect high-quality service from your organization. They can very well leave you for the competition if you fail.

Communication Via Preferred Channels 

One of the most effective ways to ensure a memorable patient experience is to use their preferred communication channel. Your healthcare organization must have multiple communication channels and ensure they are responsive. It would be best to have offline and online communication channels to keep up with the latest healthcare marketing trends and implications.

People still like receiving their medical reports and other sensitive documents via mail. You need to make sure that you are ready to meet such requirements. PostGrid can help you send different types of healthcare documents to your patients. More importantly, our tool can align with healthcare marketing trends while complying with HIPAA regulations.

Some healthcare documents you can send to your patients automatically using PostGrid’s direct mail solution include the following.

  • Explanation of Benefits and Coverage (EOB and EOC).
  • Patient billing statements.
  • Healthcare appointment reminders.
  • Medical test results.
  • Healthcare statement inserts.
  • Medical transcripts
  • Clinical notes.
  • And more.

Fast Loading And Intuitive Website

A memorable patient experience requires a fast and intuitive website for your healthcare organization. It is one of the trends in healthcare marketing that you can not keep on ignoring anymore. Consider optimizing your website’s layout, images, Etc., to speed up site speed. It also plays a vital role in your SEO ranking and is worth every second and penny you invest.

Digitize Customer Experience 

As we mentioned, many people prefer to get their healthcare documents in printed format. However, it would be best to focus on digitizing the overall customer experience as much as possible. The point is to give a choice to the patient whether they want to use digital or offline mediums. As part of the existing trends in healthcare marketing, consider creating a healthcare app.

#10 Collect Positive Ratings And Reviews To Drive Sales

Due to the rapid consumerization of healthcare, you can see healthcare marketing trends where the patient does a detailed assessment of your organization. The patient weighs the advantages and disadvantages of accessing your healthcare services. Ratings and reviews are typically the first places the patients turn to for insights regarding your healthcare organization.

Every healthcare organization makes big promises and even guarantees to its potential customers. But that does not mean the audience will swallow the claims without water. Your audience will likely go online looking for ratings and reviews for your healthcare organization. Be mindful of such trends in healthcare marketing because they can make or break your business.

Collect Ratings And Reviews Across Different Platforms 

The first thing you need to follow healthcare marketing trends like this is to collect ratings and reviews from your patients. Make it a point to have a considerable presence on all relevant platforms. You can start with Google reviews, as it is one of the most frequented places for finding reviews, even for healthcare organizations. Ideally, it would be best to have good reviews across all relevant platforms.

Encourage Ratings, And Reviews Via Direct Mail 

One of the most exciting healthcare marketing trends hospitals are now using is collecting reviews and ratings via direct mail. Consider sending a direct mail postcard to your patients after they leave your care. Personalize your postcard using PostGrid direct mail solution and check your patient’s health. Doing so will help you gain brownie points with your audience and then proceed to ask for a review.

You can make this effort much more effective by adding an incentive for the patient. The motivation could be a discount on the patient’s next visit to your facility or a pass to attend an event you are hosting. Adding an incentive increases the chance of a positive response from your audience. It is an effective way to follow the healthcare marketing trends for your organization.

Avoid Negative Reviews

Generally, in marketing, we say, “negative reviews are better than no review,” which is somewhat valid for healthcare organizations. While avoiding negative reviews altogether may be impossible, you can still minimize them. Unsurprisingly, avoiding negative online reviews is one of the most significant healthcare marketing trends worth your time and effort.

Some ways you can avoid negative reviews for your healthcare organization are as follows.

  • 24/7 support for your patients.
  • Collect regular feedback from patients and take necessary actions.
  • Offer multiple communication channels, including mail, phone, chatbot, Etc.
  • Offer a form of consolation if you fail to deliver a promise. 

#11 Utilize Videos To Boost Your Engagement And Show Expertise

Video content is now more popular than ever, and its role in emerging healthcare marketing trends is undeniable. It offers an excellent way to deliver vast amounts of information within minutes and keep the audience engaged. You can even explain complex medical concepts to patients with the help of visual effects.

Whether you are trying to sell a healthcare product or a service, the customer can only decide if they understand how it works. Videos help you bypass this problem and efficiently convey the idea to your audience. Another reason it is one of the influential trends in healthcare marketing is the ability to tell stories that humanize your organization and its work.

Use Advanced Tools For Creating Videos

One of the reasons videos are only now becoming one of the prominent trends in healthcare is that it is challenging to create. Depending on the complexity of your requirement, it can take an entire crew to make the video. However, that is not the case anymore. You can even see kids making videos and posting them on social media.

With the right tools and creativity, you can create attractive videos and post them across different channels. You can upload a longer video to your YouTube channel and use snippets of it on social media. Use the snippet as Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories to boost your engagement and make the most of such healthcare marketing trends.

Boost Your Video Views With Direct Mail

Sometimes, you may pour your heart into creating an informative and entertaining healthcare video and still need help to get the desired results. In such cases, you may need a “boost” to boost the number of views and engagement. You can use direct mail to get the best out of such a situation and keep up with the healthcare marketing trends efficiently.

All you have to do to boost the results for such trends in healthcare marketing is include a QR code in the mailer. The customer can quickly scan the QR code to view the video on whichever platform they want. However, you must target your audience carefully to ensure they take the desired action. PostGrid can help you with that.

#12 Use Local SEO To Appear Above Organic Results

Typically, healthcare organizations focus on local audiences because they get most of their traffic from local audiences. It is ideal for healthcare marketing trends like local SEO, allowing your healthcare business to appear above organic search results. 

As you know, there are three general sections to Google search results. The top section is for paid ads. You can see the local search results immediately after the paid ads. Google displays organic results only after the local search results, especially for services like healthcare. You can see why it is essential to follow healthcare marketing trends like local SEO for your organization.

Pop Up In Local And Urgent Searches 

Local searches typically end with phrases like “near me” or “in New York” because people are trying to find a facility near their location. The best thing about following trends in healthcare marketing like local SEO is that there is significantly less competition because of the much smaller coverage area.

Local SEO also gives off urgency when the user quickly tries to find the nearest hospitals or medical institutions. In such cases, the user won’t scroll through the reviews and will rush straight to the nearest hospital. And the best part is that healthcare marketing trends like this cost you nothing.

Familiarize Your Healthcare Brand Via Direct Mail 

Brand recognition can play a vital role in boosting your local SEO results. Imagine the patient searches for a hospital nearby, and your organization shows up. In this case, such healthcare marketing trends will work better if the patient recognizes your brand at first glance. 

The best way you can accomplish this is through direct mail. You can enhance the results of these healthcare marketing trends by sending printed marketing material via Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). PostGrid allows you to use EDDM service to promote your healthcare organization in your local community.

#13 Ensure Social Proof For Your Healthcare Organization

Typically, social proof is an essential part the customer checks before making a significant purchasing decision. In marketing, social proof is evidence that other people buy a product or service from an entity and find value in their purchase. Many hospitals make the mistake of thinking that healthcare marketing trends do not include social proof. But that’s not the case.

Feature Reviews In Your Marketing Message

In one of the sections above, we talk about how you can collect more ratings and reviews for your healthcare organization. But merely collecting them is not enough. The latest trends in healthcare marketing require you to feature positive patient reviews (or snippets of them) in your marketing message. 

For example, you can include snippets of social proof in your direct mail marketing campaigns. Or you can also use a QR code in the mailer that directs them to the social proof. Such healthcare marketing trends boost your brand’s credibility and eventually help you drive more traffic to your organization.

Encourage Video And Text Testimonials 

Besides reviews, using testimonials in text or video format is one of the best healthcare marketing trends you must follow. Similar to patient reviews, you can use testimonials to give your audience the extra push they need to choose your healthcare organization over the others.

#14 Expand Your Marketing Scope To Offline And Online Channels

One of the things you must watch out for in modern-day healthcare marketing trends is that every healthcare journey is different. Most hospitals and other medical institutions use digital channels for their marketing efforts because it is convenient for them. 

However, your patients may feel differently because many still prefer getting their healthcare documents the traditional way. Many medical organizations recognize this problem. The latest trends in healthcare marketing show a more diversified approach involving offline and online channels.

Automated Offline Healthcare Marketing Trends

One of the best things about following healthcare marketing trends that involves offline communication channels is automation capabilities. Many offline marketing channels, including direct mail, have automation capabilities now. PostGrid direct mail solution can quickly personalize your mailer and send them accurately to your audience with the click of a button.

#15 Address Privacy Concerns And Assure Data Safety

Privacy is always a primary concern in all new healthcare marketing trends because of the sensitive data hospitals handle. Moreover, it is not just a concern for the patients but also in the eye of the law. You are already familiar with HIPAA and many of its implications.

Every time you implement new trends in healthcare marketing, you must ensure that it complies with HIPAA guidelines. Even if you are targeting an international audience, there are data security laws that you must follow. The best approach is using third-party service providers who comply with the rules and regulations.

PostGrid’s Advanced Security Compliance 

PostGrid’s direct mail solution is one of the best examples of how you can eliminate the privacy concerns of your patients and ensure data security. The solution keeps up with the latest healthcare marketing trends without compromising data security. Our direct mail API complies with all major data protection laws and regulations. The primary security compliances PostGrid offers your healthcare organization are as follows.

  • GDPR
  • SOC-2

Following The Latest Healthcare Marketing Trends For Your Organization

The key to following the latest healthcare marketing trends is using advanced software solutions, including automation. It allows you to boost brand recognition and stay on top of your target’s mind. Make sure you make all the effort to follow the changing trends and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

But to do this, you need scalable solutions that prioritize data security. PostGrid is a perfect example of how you can use advanced tech to follow the latest healthcare marketing trends prominent in the market.

Our direct mail solution can seamlessly connect with your website and automate your direct mail marketing efforts. Furthermore, it comes with advanced compliances guaranteeing your precious data’s safety. Solutions like PostGrid help you efficiently implement the latest healthcare marketing trends for your medical organization.

Do you want to learn how to implement the latest healthcare marketing trends using our advanced direct mail automation solution? Sign up for a free demo now!

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