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managed print services

How To Save Time, Money, And Resources Of Your Business Using Managed Print Services

Manually managing bulk printing needs for a business organisation is like having a trolley for shopping with one wheel not working. Just like that one stuck wheel makes your entire shopping experience lag, a manual printing process can also drag your business operations behind.

managed print services

It is no wonder that more and more businesses are now turning to Managed Print Services or MPS for easy printing within their business organisation. But, many companies are still not entirely aware of how MPS works or how they can benefit from it.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services or MPS are the printing service offered by a third party that enables companies to optimise their document output. Although it may sound pretty simple, the processes carried out by an MPS provider are far from simple. 

Some of the main processes that MPS undertake for optimising your business’s print output are as follows.

  • Requirement assessment
  • Selective/general replacement of hardware
  • Servicing of print equipment
  • Restocking of print supplies
  • Operating new, existing, and third-party print equipment

In other words, the MPS will take over a company’s all print and print-related equipment. It can include printers, scanners, copiers, and any dual or multifunctional devices if you have any. Furthermore, the Managed Print Services also takes control of your workflow and document management solutions for optimising your print output.

How To Save Money Using Managed Print Services?

MPS can save businesses a significant amount of money by optimising their print output, especially if they employ bulk mail campaigns. What is even more exciting about MPS is that companies of all sizes can use it. So, it doesn’t matter if you are SME or a large enterprise; you can still benefit from MPS.

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Here are some ways print management services can help your business save a chunk of revenue.

  • Minimise Wastage Of Ink Toners: When you use an MPS system for printing, there is little to no chance of wasting ink toners. There is no scope for useless printing with an optimised printing process, saving your expenses on ink toners.
  • Minimise Wastage Of Paper: Just like the ink toners, the wastage of paper also gets minimised with an optimised printing process.
  • Minimise The Number Of Print Devices Required: With Managed Print Services, you can get the maximum number of prints by taking away the excess printers.
  • Save Employee Time: An advanced MPS solution like PostGrid essentially automates your bulk printing needs, saving employee work hours.
  • Save Energy Cost: As your printing gets optimised, the number of print cycles also gets minimised, leading to more savings on energy costs.

What Can Print Management Services Do For Your Business?

Managed Print Services tools are not just helpful in saving money on your printing expenses. There are several steps involved in an MPS service. Furthermore, some of them can even help you optimise other aspects of your business. Here is the list of things an MPS system can do for your business.

Analyse Your Print Requirements

MPS first analyses all factors concerning your printing requirements. It includes analysing your scanning, copying, and faxing needs as well. Additionally, Managed Print Services consists of a detailed printing audit. In the audit, the MPS assesses each printing device to reveal information such as:

  • The documents or photos a device prints
  • The identity of the person who uses that device for printing
  • The cost of printing for that specific printer

The data listed above helps you get a comprehensive understanding of the printing habits of your organisation. You can even categorise the data based on specific departments in your organisation. The audit also reveals the overworked devices enabling you to consolidate your printers. Apart from this, you can avoid unnecessary printing in your organisation.

Reduce/Eliminate Local Desktop Printers

The need or necessity for local or desktop printers is one of the first things that print management services analyse. It is always better to use dedicated remote printers for your business communications as the local ones are inefficient and expensive.

An individual employee usually uses local or desktop printers, and they are rarely ever networked. Furthermore, such printers always use up a lot of ink toner cartridges, and the smaller cartridges are typically more expensive.

Consolidate Your Print Devices

The Managed Print Services provider also assesses your multifunctional devices and checks them against your business’s print requirements. It finds out the number of excessive devices you have if there are any. 

Hence, you can consolidate your devices to a lower number. For instance, you can take printers from departments where they rarely use them to share one among departments with similar printing needs. 

Place Your Printers 

It might surprise you that printer placement plays a crucial role in your printing operations. The printer(s) should be so that the required number of people can easily access it. Apart from optimising the printing within your organisation, managed print solutions also improve your business’s workflow. As a result, it maximises your workforce and work hours. 

Replace Your Inefficient Devices 

Sometimes, having an inefficient printer can cost you more in the long run than buying a new and efficient one. Hence, MPS providers analyse and find out underperforming devices and replace them with efficient ones. As a result, you save money and time on frequent servicing and maintenance. 

Automatically Refills Your Print Supplies 

Managed Print Services tools enable your business to refill your print supplies automatically. Hence, you can ensure there are no more delays or interruptions in your printing process. Furthermore, you don’t need personnel wasting their time monitoring the stock of print materials and placing new orders. As a result, you can eliminate downtime caused by ink shortage almost entirely. 

Accurate Cost Estimation

By consolidating your cost and suppliers, the Managed Print Services can provide you with a much more accurate prediction of monthly spending. Additionally, businesses can use the MPS contract for ensuring that the provider you pick maintains a steady supply of toners. It ultimately helps you avoid unexpected maintenance and servicing costs.

Print Your Documents/Materials Remotely

MPS providers like PostGrid enable you to set up remote printing capabilities for your business and streamline your direct mail campaigns. You can print everything from marketing postcards to sending regular direct mail communications like bills/invoices. For example, financial institutions can remotely print their direct communication such as adverse action letters and debt collection letters using PostGrid. 

Print Only When And What Is Necessary

The cost-saving principles of Managed Print Services are pretty straightforward. MPS providers enable their customers to have more control over their print operations without any inconveniences. It optimises your printing operation to eliminate needless printing within your organisation. 

You can even set up a default setting for minimising your printing costs. For example, you can opt for black and white printing over colour printing, significantly impacting the prices. Using double-sided printing can help you save a considerable chunk of money on paper costs.

Reduce Your Spending On Printers and Copiers

The most significant expense for printing operations inside an organisation is none other than the printer itself. With Managed Print Services tools, you can significantly minimise equipment costs to your organisation.


Thanks to advanced automation, MPS providers can streamline your organisation’s print requirements with ease. Print management services like PostGrid optimise your business’s bulk mail requirements, saving you money, resources, and time.

The services offered by an MPS provider are not just about saving money but optimising your business communications. Industries such as financial services can optimise direct mail communications and send important documents to their customers.

Furthermore, MPS providers like PostGrid enable you to run advanced direct marketing campaigns and send marketing materials directly to your target audience. The best thing about using Managed Print Services tools like PostGrid is full automation capability.

You can use PostGrid’s print and mail API to completely automate your direct mail marketing and communication efforts. Hence, you can personalise, print, and deliver printed materials to your customers and partners. As a result, you can minimise wastage of time and resources leading to a high ROI.

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