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Patient Statement Services: Automated Printing and Mailing

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print and mail patient statement services

Patient Statements Services: Automated Printing and Mailing Services

Do you print and mail patient statements in-house? It is not a new concept because hospitals have been doing that for several decades. Perhaps, they had a mailroom where employees would print these statements, stuff them into envelopes, and label each one of them.

print and mail patient statement services

Though it was a reasonable way of sending statements to patients at that time, things have become more complex today. Now, having a mailroom and recruiting several employees for just one specific job may seem senseless. So, what is the ideal solution for you at the moment?

Thankfully, you can outsource these time-intensive tasks to patient statement printing companies like PostGrid. It can help you escape the manual effort and hefty investment while reaping the benefits of automation.

Keep reading ahead to know the function of patient statements and why you must outsource medical statement printing.

Let’s begin!

What Are Patient Statements?

A patient statement refers to the summary of the services availed by a patient and their outstanding dues. It consists of all the patient details such as their name, doctor’s name, treatment details, etc.

Usually, a statement acts like a bill sent to patients for reference—enabling them to make the payment on time. You can either send e-statements or printed statements, depending on your policies, requirements, and budget.

However, offline patient statement printing helps you grab your patients’ attention and persuade them to pay their dues. On the contrary, they might ignore your online correspondence and delay the payment for as long as possible.

Things to Take Care of While Printing and Mailing Patient Statements

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and you need to protect your patient data. Thus, patient statement mailing is complicated compared to sending marketing mail items.

Also, medical services are costly, and you cannot afford not to get paid by your patients for a long time. Therefore, you must adopt a proactive approach and send out patient statements promptly. Here are some more things you should keep in mind regarding patient statement printing:

Send Concise Statements

Try sending statements that are easy to understand and clear. Use an easy-flowing layout that segments all the information and offers a consolidated view.

Your patients must have all the details at their fingertips, and you must do your best to offer them this level of convenience. If you miss including some information, it can create confusion and affect your revenue cycle considerably.

Efficient patient statement printing helps you explain the changes in the bill to your patients and reduce the number of queries.

Use Customisation

Along with facilitating payments, your statements should also leave a positive impression on patients. So, ditch plain, lousy statements with customised ones that can help you increase brand recognition.

Customisation ensures that your patients remember you and recommend you to their family and friends. Automated patient statement printing and mailing services like PostGrid can help you add your brand logo and send out visually appealing, full-colour statements.

Include Return Envelopes

The best way to motivate your patients to make instant payments is by sending business reply envelopes with your invoices or statements. These prepaid envelopes allow patients to insert a cheque inside and mail it back. These envelopes already carry the return address and other details.

Offering multiple payment options is the essence of systematic patient statement printing. You should make the process convenient for your patients and motivate them to respond.

Also, try adding short pURLs and QR codes to allow patients to complete the payment online.

Ensure Data Security

The entire responsibility of protecting your patients’ data is on you if you conduct patient statement printing and mailing in-house. However, running a healthcare centre and juggling mailing activities on the side can pose some challenges.

At some point, your employees might make a mistake. Though it does not sound like a big deal, you can face some serious consequences if there is a data breach. Thus, you must employ all the necessary data protection and security measures to ensure smooth statement mailing.

By outsourcing the activities to patient statement services like PostGrid, you can rest assured that your patients receive error-free statements.

Advantages of Outsourcing Patient Statement Printing

There are many benefits of outsourcing your statement printing tasks instead of struggling to do it efficiently in-house:

Increase Patient Satisfaction

If you send statements that need several edits, it can tarnish your brand image and frustrate your patients. On the other hand, sending accurate, clear, and informative statements helps improve your patients’ billing experience.

But, it is hard to do so when you handle everything yourselves. Plus, there is not enough time to achieve such perfection. Thus, outsourcing patient statement printing is your best bet if you want to keep your patients happy.

Cut Overhead Expenses

Sending statements to patients is not a one-time job that you can get over effortlessly. It is an ongoing chore that needs you to spend on printing equipment, paper, ink, and other perishables.

Also, imagine if your staff sends out some statements to incorrect mailing addresses. It can lead to mail returns, misplacements, and delays. Again, your team would have to reship these statements—wasting more money. Thus, you need patient statement printing and mailing services to ensure that you spend the least while also getting the work done.

Speed Up Payments

Some of your patients might need a little push from your side now and then to pay their outstanding bills. Take care that you send your statements on time to encourage speedier payments.

For instance, you can plan to complete your patient statement printing tasks by the middle of the month. This way, your patients will get their bills by the end of the month or the start of the upcoming month—when most people receive their bills. Thus, there are higher chances of your mail getting noticed when you send it at the right time.

But, having such an efficient patient statement mailing system needs a lot of effort and investment on your side. The good news is that you can outsource this job and create an efficient payment channel for your patients.

PostGrid’s direct mail services also offer triggered mailing, which means you can preset the dates when you want to mail your statements. Hence, you don’t need to instruct your staff to clear their schedule and spend their precious time worrying about logistics.

Get Repeat Patients

Many patients switch their healthcare providers if they don’t find their payment methods convenient. Using outsourced patient statement services, you can guarantee that there are no such problems between you and your patients.

Focus On Core Operations

Most physicians have a lot to deal with, resulting in burn-outs. They might have a small team to help them out, but things might get messed up when their staff is also working at capacity.

Outsourcing patient statement printing helps you concentrate on your core duties, which are:

  • Enhancing your patients’ healthcare experience
  • Boosting their healthcare quality
  • Pursuing different ways to grow your business

Why Should You Choose PostGrid’s Patient Statement Printing and Mailing Services?

Below, we have enlisted all the prime reasons you must outsource your patient statement printing to PostGrid:

  • API integration: You can integrate our API into your existing CRM and start mailing statements directly through your system.
  • Design: PostGrid helps you draft your patient statements in just a few minutes. It also offers numerous customisation options and transpromotional printing that allows you to brand your statements.
  • Print and mail fulfilment: Our solutions provide statement printing and mailing to assist you from start to finish.
  • Tracking: Using PostGrid’s patient statement printing automation, you can track your sent statements in real-time. It enables you to follow up on time and stay updated.
  • Security: PostGrid helps your organisation’s compliance teams follow several data privacy laws like GDPR and UK – DPA (Data Protection Act). It is also ISO 14001, 27001, 2701, and 9001 certified. Thus, our patient statement services strive to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and security.
  • Address verification: To help you send statements to correct delivery addresses, PostGrid also provides address verification capabilities. All addresses are standardised and cross-checked against the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) to ensure statement delivery.

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To Conclude

Outsourcing patient statement printing is the need of the hour as hospitals need to focus more on patient retention. They also have the responsibility to offer the best quality healthcare to every patient.

Using automated statement print and mail solutions like PostGrid, healthcare institutions can save money, time, and effort. Also, they can improve brand reputation and increase visibility.

With faster payments and fewer outstanding bills, hospitals can expand their marketing budget and acquire more patients. Hence, outsourcing patient statement printing is beneficial to you in every way, and PostGrid can further help double these advantages.

Request a demo now to see how our API and dashboard for patient statement printing can help you send accurate statements and accelerate payments!

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