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PostGrid’s postal API is an updated program that you can use without any technical expertise. It’s best for both individuals and businesses who want to send direct mail pieces on-demand or in bulk. Furthermore, PostGrid also helps you format, parse, and verify your mailing list addresses before launching the final campaign with the address validation software.

  • Send out documents and launch direct mail campaigns automatically
  • Trigger your direct mail response and boost your customer engagement
  • Decrease the misspending and your turnaround time
  • Eliminate the physical work involved in printing and mailing tens of thousands of mailpieces
  • Print and mail based on your requirement
  • Get tracking and analytical reports of your campaigns through your dashboard
  • Track your direct mail’s location to keep a record of your shipping time

How Does a Postal API or Snail Mail API Work?

  • The postal API can integrate with your CRM and fetch all of your customer details instantly for mailing purposes.
  • Next, you can put an input trigger to automate the sending of your direct mail pieces or do it yourself manually.
  • To create the documents from scratch PostGrid provides an in-built editor. However, if you’re short on time you can also upload your own. 
  • PostGrid also allows you to personalize all of your direct mail pieces and add your company’s logo, URL, and other details as per your needs.
  • With PostGrid’s direct mail API, you can validate your mailing list’s data.
  • Once you’re done with all of the steps mentioned above, you can set your print and mail commands, and the API will do it all automatically as per your instruction.
  • Additionally, you can check your direct mail pieces’ status and track their exact location with the help of your dashboard.
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Facilitates Address Verification and Cleansing

  • PostGrid’s address validation software helps your customers with the instant and correct suggestions of their full address, depending on the limited information they have typed in the address bar.
  • You can also integrate the postal API on your checkout page. It’ll help your customers fill in the details faster and reach the final CTA more quickly.
  • When your customers enter an address, your system or website sends a message using API to confirm the validity of the details they’ve entered.
  • If needed, PostGrid’s API suggests to your customers the necessary changes that they should make in the addresses so that only correct data enters your system.
  • You can also connect to Royal Mail and other postal organizations while using postal API within minimal time.
  • Most companies, including banks and financial institutes, use such address validation software to parse, standardize, and validate their system’s addresses and enhance their mailing lists’ quality.
  • PostGrid’s address validation software keeps your mailing list updated.

Provides Multi-carrier Mailing Alternatives

  • PostGrid’s postal API offers multiple mailing carriers and delivery choices for you to choose from.
  • For urgent document delivery, you can also select Royal Mail’s priority mail. PostGrid also offers FedEx UK and UPS UK delivery services.
  • With our automation API, you get various options to choose from depending on the rates and urgent timing.
  • With PostGrid’s postal API, there are multiple mailing carriers and delivery options available.
  • PostGrid’s print and mail API helps you with everything, from creating your document to printing and finally shipping it.
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Allows Real-time Tracking

  • With postal API, you can track all of your direct mail pieces and determine their exact location with instant notification and from your dashboard.
  • Having access to your mailpieces’ precise positions enables you to update your customers about it and seem more professional.
  • Furthermore, it also helps you keep track of the delivery timing.

Easy Integration

  • With PostGrid’s RESTful API, you can easily integrate all of your payroll, accounting software, CRM, and other tools.
  • Out zapier integration allows you to incorporate 1600+ apps and automate all the repetitive tasks. You can carry out this integration without the help of any tech support. They’re all seamlessly simple.
  • It allows you to create a precise and effective mailing system and cut off most of the manual work involved.
  • PostGrid’s documentation is super simple and allows you to get started quickly
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Better Marketing Opportunities

  • PostGrid’s postcard API helps you print and mail as many postcards as you need. Hence, allowing better exposure of your brand in front of a large audience at once.
  • You can design, personalize, customize for the company details, and print your postcards using a single dashboard.
  • Plus, the API also allows you to automate this process by setting the instructions from your dashboard.
  • You can also benefit from PostGrid’s letter API to send branded, compliance, transactional, and other letters.

Scalable API

  • PostGrid enables its clients to send as many direct mail pieces as they require with a scalable postal API.
  • We also offer the test and live API keys, so you can test your API calls before using them live.
  • PostGrid’s API can handle over a million API calls at once. This way, you can send more than one million direct mail pieces at a single time.
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Detailed Reporting

  • PostGrid’s postal API provides you detailed analytical reports 
  • You can get the records of all the previously launched campaigns with PostGrid with just a few clicks using your dashboard.
  • You can also view and compare the performance of your current and previous campaigns for better analysis.
  • PostGrid also allows you to manage your mailing list, contacts, campaigns, designs, and other activities using your dashboard.

International Mailing

  • With PostGrid’s API, you can ship your direct mail pieces both nationally and internationally.
  • It also helps you parse, standardize, transliterate, and validate the international addresses with their relevant postal mail’s official database.
  • With the complete accuracy of addresses, you decrease your bounce rate and misspending considerably. It also helps you to reduce your lost opportunities.
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No Inventory Stocking and Hardware Requirements

  • Postal API allows you to automate the processes involved in your direct mail campaigns and eliminate all the stocks you’d need to keep otherwise. The inventory involves papers, stamps, paper clips, staples, ink cartridges, envelopes, and others.
  • With manual efforts reduced from your direct mail campaign, you don’t need to keep on filling the inventories, free up space in the office to keep or manage them anymore.
  • This way, you can speed up your direct mail sending process and decrease your turnaround time significantly.
  • Furthermore, you also save a lot on keeping or renting the resources required to complete the printing process.
  • The charges of machines and electric bills will also cut down.
  • With the help of API, all of your printing and mailing tasks are being outsourced. Hence you do not need to keep any hardware.
  • The automation enables you to save a lot on the maintenance and overall cost of printing and mailing.

Conduct Direct Mail Campaigns

  • PostGrid enables you to operate your direct mail campaign any time from anywhere  
  • To start using these benefits, you’d need to integrate your system with PostGrid. This way, all of your data can be fetched automatically, and other operations can also take place smoothly.
  • If needed, you can use our in-build editor to design your direct mail pieces from scratch.
  • From designing to mailing your mailpieces, PostGrid have you covered in everything.
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Automate Everything and Get Complete Mailing Fulfillment

  • With Postal API, you can automate all the processes involved in printing and mailing your direct mail.
  • Fetching your customer details is quick and easy with API. Plus, you can autocomplete, standardize, parse, and validate those addresses with PostGrid’s address verification software.
  • The automated API also enables you to choose your delivery option, depending on the required rates and urgency.
  • Hence, you get all of the mailing facilities integrated with PostGrid.
  • You can enable trigger responses in the form of direct mail with PostGrid’s API. All you have to do is set the event, date, and response. Based on your instructions, the direct mail will get printed and sent.
  • You can also track all of your direct mail pieces, right from the printing and shipping to the final delivery. This way, it’ll be easier for you to update your customers about their direct mail location in case of invoices and billing.
  • PostGrid enables hassle-free delivery of all of your documents, cheques, invoices, marketing items, and other mailpieces.
  • You can also set your staff permission in your dashboard to allow people or restrict them from using specific features of the automated API.

Avoid Lost mail and Reshipping

  • With Postal API in place, you can save a lot of time that you’d otherwise spent instructing your employees for the printing and mailing process. Here you just have to set the instruction from your dashboard, approve the sample, and get your mailpieces printed and mailed.
  • Postal API also reduces the number of lost direct mail pieces and bounce rate by sending mailpieces only to the verified addresses.
  • This way, you can eliminate the repackaging and re-shipping tasks, free up more time, and save more resources.
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Applications of Postal API

Postcard API

  • The postcard API helps you print and mail your direct mail pieces, postcards.
  • It enables you to keep your old and new customers with the company, allowing more customer retention.
  • You can send all sorts of colored and textured postcards with a set of graphics.
  • You can send them in multiple sizes (A5 postcards, A6 postcards, and 148x255mm postcards) and formats.

Letter API

  • PostGrid’s letter printing and mailing API allows you to send any number of letters – be it one or one thousand – effortlessly.
  • With PostGrid, you can send all types of letters, be it personal, transactional, compliant, or based on any industry type, viz healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, etc.
  • You can get them all printed and shipped in no time with us, without going through any trouble.

Cheque API

  • PostGrid only partners with GDPR, UK – DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701  Certified members, which means all of your customers’ data is secure
  • You can print and send any number of cheques with PostGrid with confidence. There will be no information leakage.
  • PostGrid cheque API can draft your cheques as per your bank’s requirement and get them printed in MICR font.
  • With less to no manual effort, you can send your cheques with PostGrid API.

Document API

  • If your business requires you to send credit card bills, account statements, or due notices, and other such documents, then PostGrid API can be the best help for you.
  • With PostGrid’s automated system – document API, you can print and mail your documents within any timeframe.
  • You can also track the progress of their journey right from when it is printed to on route to delivery

More About PostGrid’s Postal API

  • With PostGrid’s postal API, you can send all of the direct mail pieces mentioned above swiftly.
  • You can get your mailing list data verified with our PAF certified address verification software 
  • It’s scalable and flexible.
  • You can draft your documents, customize them as per your customers’ needs, get the postal addresses validated, print your direct mail pieces, and ship them – without keeping any inventory or investing much time and effort.

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