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Get rid of all the unnecessary time-consuming tasks in direct marketing with an automated marketing API, like PostGrid. All you have to do is integrate your CRM or other apps and set the functions for easy dealing.

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Your business may require to print several types of formats and mailpieces, for example, data printing, invoices, billing statements, appointment reminders, personalized postcards, or letters. These direct mail would demand you to have funds, resources, effort, and time for all of these, despite their importance or regular need.

Hence, the single time investment in an automated API for all of your designing, printing, shipping, and tracking needs is a wiser option. Our secured print and mail API integrates with your system and fetches the necessary data within seconds. The next step involves verifying that data with the official Royal Mail’s database, so your direct mail can reach the right addresses at the right time, eventually reducing your bounce rate and lost opportunities and maintaining your professionalism with the correct details.

Furthermore, PostGrid tracks your currently launched campaigns and updates your database, when integrated, accordingly. With the help of your promotions’ analytical reports, you can improve your future campaigns and send your customers and prospects more relevant offers.

  • Data Cleansing                                 
  • Address Corrections
  • Variable Printing
  • Offset, digital, and envelope printing
  • Sorting, folding, sealing, and envelope stuffing solution
  • And much more!
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Benefits of PostGrid's Print & Mail Solutions

Print and Mail Automation

If you’re into marketing, you know how essential postcards, cheques, and personalized letters are in direct marketing, but at the same time, how time-consuming it can get to do it all manually. Hence, automate all of your printing to mailing tasks with PostGrid.

Deliver Quality

Often, while sending thousands of mailpieces, you end up sending the same direct mail twice or even thrice to a single person in your database. Because of this very reason, PostGrid verifies all of the entries of your database and saves you from repetition, and eventually from misspending.

Remove the middleman

With PostGrid’s complete automated solution, you can send your direct mail pieces just like emails, which means sending a mailpiece each time your prospects enter your marketing campaign without any effort needed from your end.

Enhance Returns

By reducing your overall designing, printing, and mailing labour cost, PostGrid helps you avoid misspending by sending your mailpieces only to the verified addresses. Plus, with personalized, automated, and triggered direct mail, you can hike your returns, ultimately boosting your ROI.

Secure Data

PostGrid only partners with GDPR, DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701 Compliant members for confidential, secure and safe data and operational standards. Hence all of your and your customers’ data is protected with us.

Automated Print & Mail Solution

Create, Send, Automate & Track printing & mailing with a unified API

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  • Automate printing & mailing: PostGrid helps you design, print, and ship your direct mail pieces and letters with ease.
  • Zapier Integration: We help you integrate over 1600+ apps and automate their working too. This way, you save tons of your time.
  • API Integration: Incorporate your CRM or other tools with PostGrid to fetch the essential data within seconds and automatically get your printing and mailing done.
  • Scale your campaigns at any time: With PostGrid, you can scale your direct mail campaign using API calls whenever you need.

How does PostGrid help you with
direct mail marketing?

As a business owner or a marketer, you understand the value of marketing through multiple channels. Now, if connecting with your audience at a personal level is a part of your marketing strategy, then direct mail is the best available option.

However, it may take a few weeks to several months to plan, strategize, process, and finally launch your direct mail campaign. Ease up the process, and let the automated API, like PostGrid, take charge and double your ROI with half of the efforts from your side.

Here's how PostGrid works:

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard. From there, you can proceed by uploading your mailpiece design or using our HTML editing systems. After completing your designs, you can integrate your CRM with PostGrid – fetch all of the data within seconds – and get your mailing list verified. The verification step helps you prevent sending the direct mail to the wrong addresses and eventually keep you from misspending.

Later on, you can choose a print lab to get the best per print deal using your dashboard, click save, and send. PostGrid will handle the rest of the work. From getting your designs print, shipped, and track, it’s all our responsibility.

Furthermore, with API automation, PostGrid will send mailpieces to each prospect that enters your marketing campaign, just like email marketing.

To know more about how PostGrid can help you double your ROI get in touch with our expert.

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