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On-Demand Online Cheque Printing and Mailing Solutions

With PostGrid, you get all of your cheque printing and mailing done within half the time that it would normally take to complete all of the tasks involved in the process. Furthermore, we have years of experience, as we’ve been helping our clients with cheque printing and mailing for so long. Hence, all the work would be done with double the efficiency within half the time.

Features of PostGrid's cheque Printing
and Mailing Solutions

Integration with accounting software

Integrate your accounts management software with PostGrid, and it’ll help you prevent any double entry into your system and facilitate the reconciliation.

Depending on your priority, you can either upload your mailing details in the CSV format or choose to fetch the files automatically within seconds.

With API, you can handle all the payments quickly and easily. Plus, the cheques will be printed as per your need. All you have to do is enter your business and bank’s details, get them verified, and once you’ve linked all of your files, you can click proceed. Rest, getting your cheques printed and mailed is our responsibility. You can track their location from your dashboard.

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The safety of our client’s data is the biggest concern at PostGrid. Hence,we only work with highly compliant partners who abide by financial regulations, data compliance regulations like GDPR and thereby assure you that all the confidential information you sent via direct mail pieces is safe and secured. Plus, we check your addresses with the official database of Royal Mail for free with our Print and Mail API. This way, all of your letters or cheques go to the right addresses.

Since PostGrid is an automated API, you can automate the printing and mailing of your cheques. However, it’s only done with your authorization. We have a number of features for secure cheque printing and mailing, like:

  • MICR toner – Magnetic ink character recognition to ensure legitimacy.
  • Watermarks – to avoid duplicated prints.
  • Microprint.
  • Chemical wash detection.
  • Holograms.
  • Compliance with data safety laws.
  • Secured envelopes.
  • Secured portal for access.
  • Heat-reactive ink and other required features.


With an online API, like PostGrid, your cheque printing & mailing is no longer traditional. You can customize them and add the details as you like. For example, you can edit your cheques with the following information.

  • Customized HTML templates.
  • Company’s logo
  • Personalized notes or messages
  • Postcards attached to your cheque
  •  Other organization’s detail like tagline or website URL
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Targeted Direct Mail

Mailing Options and Tracking

If you choose PostGrid for your cheque printing and mailing, you have numerous options to choose from. Some of them are listed below:

  • With our automated API, you can choose your delivery option with express, priority, or international first class. You should know that you can get your cheques delivered within one business day with the express option. In case you have a large number of cheques to deliver, and they’re all urgent, then this option can be quite beneficial.
  • PostGrid also allows you to set timings for future payments. And the automated API will deliver your direct mail cheques on the desired dates.
  • Additionally, you can also trace your cheques from your dashboard. This way, you have full knowledge of your cheques’ location from the start to end, which means from your mailpieces’ processing and printing to when it finally reaches the recipient.

Benefits You Receive With Our Cheque
Printing and Mailing Automation API

With PostGrid’s online cheque printing and mailing solution, we help you send all of your cheques through direct mail without going through its tiresome procedure. Almost all of the steps, once set, can be automated. With us, you put fewer efforts and resources from your side and still get better returns and save a lot.

Let’s find out the other benefits that we offer to our clients.

Quick Set-Up and Administration

PostGrid is easy to install in your system. You can use our secure API to guide you through the steps. This advantage is something that most other automated software fails to deliver. With this easy-to-use and easy-to-setup API, you can send from one to one million cheques easily at once.

  • Integrate the API with your system and get your data fetched within seconds. We’ll print and send your direct mail pieces to the desired recipients.
  • The admin portal you’ll use for all the input is highly secured. And you can understand its functioning within minutes.
  • We deliver instant notification of your direct mail pieces status and other tracking details.
  • The API is thoroughly simplified. Hence, you and your staff wouldn’t need to have the in-depth tech knowledge to use it.
  • Anyone with a little knowledge of how to use an operating system can install this software. Within minutes of setting it up, you can start processing your direct mail pieces in it.
  • You can also store the cheque details that you need to send regularly. The automated API can send them on your behalf later on when you need it. All you’d need to do is set the dates of sending cheques.
  • We offer streamlined and reliable services that can decrease your turnaround time significantly.
  • Get instant regular reports of your direct mail campaigns.
  • You can also set periodic timing for sending regular cheques. With the filtering option, you can get specific analytical reports of a particular client or clients. This way, you can keep records of how your company is functioning.

Get Detailed Report

PostGrid sends full analytical reports of each direct mail campaign that you launch. If needed, you can also filter specific reports for narrowed analysis for any special client or for a particular period. These reports help you keep records of your company’s best work, and where it’s lacking.

Ideal for Everyone

  • You can use PostGrid despite the number of cheques your company needs to send. We help every size of business with our services.
  • We work with all types of business models.
  • Most businesses need to send regular cheques for various activities. Hence no matter what product or services you’re offering, you can use PostGrid.
  • To get started, you’d need to add your bank’s details and digital signature only once. After you’ve completed this procedure, you can get started with your cheque printing and mailing easily.
  • If you handle more than one account, you can add them all on PostGrid and make as many payments as you need. PostGrid’s API will enable you to switch among them and pay multiple parties from separate accounts.
  • Furthermore, PostGrid provides full assistance for your settlement cheques, refund cheques, rebate cheques, and cheques for bill payments.

Send Event-Driven cheques

With our online cheque printing and mailing services, you can send systematic cheques for different events, bonuses, giveaways, and so on. All you have to do is set the dates and timing for the payments, and our API will enable you to automatically send those cheques. This way, the job is done on time, and it also reflects on your company’s professionalism.

Why Investing in PostGrid's Cheque Printing and Mailing Solutions Will Benefit You?

PostGrid is not only easier to use than most other online cheque printing and mailing APIs, but it’s also faster. Plus, all of the tiresome steps involved in sending your cheques through direct mail are covered with this automated API, and it makes your work super simple. Here are a few more reasons why you should go for PostGrid.

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Unified Operations

PostGrid is an all-in-one API solution. Apart from cheque printing and mailing, you can also use it for your direct mail marketing campaigns. Furthermore, just like your cheques’ customization, you can also customize and personalize your other direct mail pieces. Here are some of the ways that you can use.

  • You can add colored or black in white logos, website URL, or other company’s details on your mailpieces. Additionally, you can also add a personalized note or your customers’ first names to the pieces of mail that you send.
  • We offer a number of formats and styles that you can use for your direct mail pieces. Along with the structures, you can also choose different sizes for your letters, postcards, or any other mailpieces to stand out from other direct mail in your customers’ or prospects’ mailbox.
  • Furthermore, the customization option can help your brand awareness in various ways. Apart from the marketing mail pieces, you can add your company’s logo on the cheques, as people are most unlikely to throw their cheques away.
  • You can also upload one cheque and get as many copies of it from our system as you want.

Saved Time and High Levels of Precision

  • If you want to print and mail your cheques within minimal time and with better accuracy, then our automated system can help you a ton. Once set, it operates on its own and presents errorless work for you.
  • Plus, the free address verification system included helps you eliminate all the errors and information gaps from the data already present in your system.
  • Furthermore, you don’t need to hire another person to operate this API. It’s an easy-to-use online direct mail API. Its API guides you through the step-by-step process to complete your online cheque printing and mailing.
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Competitive Prices

PostGrid is available for you at competitive prices. Furthermore, there’s no hidden cost. And you also get to use huge discounts on mass printing of your direct mail pieces.

With low cost and reduced misspending, you can gather great returns on your direct mail when done right.

Reduced Need for Stocking

With the online print and mail automated system in place, you don’t need to stock the printing supplies. It helps you with the extra time and space that will go into managing those supplies, hiring staff for handling those tasks, and of course, the situations of running out of your printing stocks when an urgent direct mail needs to be sent.

With PostGrid, all you do is give instructions and finalize your printing sample online with a dashboard. Click save and send. All the intermediate steps, from printing to shipping, will be our responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver my cheques?

Depending on the date of your final sample submission, all of your cheques are shipped within 2 business days.

Are my bank details secure with you?

Our API is 100% secure and keeps your bank and other essential details confidential.

How can I conduct cheque printing and mailing online?

Integrate your website or CRM with PostGrid and set your order from your dashboard. From there on, the software will sort and process your cheques, which will get printed and shipped within one business day.

Can I customize my cheques?

You can personalize each of the direct mail pieces, including cheques, using your dashboard.

What is MICR Toner?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is usually included in all the type of cheques. It’s one of the security features for the safety of your cheque from any fraudulent activity.

Are payments for recurring bills supported?

Yes, you can pre-set your payment dates or integrate your account management software with our API to make payments for recurring bills.

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