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print mail documents

Print and Mail Documents Online

Print and mail documents like invoices, receipts, tax forms, letters, and more using PostGrid’s print and mail automation solutions. Companies can easily outsource their entire document printing and mailing process in order to save costs and get the work done efficiently.

print mail documents

Tired of licking envelopes and calculating postage? Fortunately, you can choose to print and mail documents online at all-in-one rates.

  • Automate document printing and mailing and avoid errors
  • Pay only for the documents you print and mail – no minimal fees applicable
  • Save time, avoid monotonous jobs, and generate higher ROI
  • Prevent delays, lost mail, and returns

What Kind of Documents Can You Print and Mail With PostGrid?


Printing and mailing invoices is an on-going process, and employees spend a lot of time doing it. Filling in the right particulars, stamping the invoices, stuffing in envelopes, sealing, addressing, and mailing – automate everything through PostGrid’s automation API.

Contracts and Renewal Letters

Close your deals faster using PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions. Print and mail contracts and renewal letters to your clients — in an automated manner without the need to deal with the paperwork for days.


Draft your invitation cards and letters from scratch and get them lined up for mailing within two days. Send out invitations for product launches, exhibitions, PR meets, and more – effortlessly.

Welcome and Appreciation Letters

Send onboarding and welcome letters to your new employees and customers. Businesses can also send appreciation letters to their loyal customers as a thoughtful gesture.

Credit Reminders

The revenue of every company depends majorly on their payment collection system. By sending follow-up credit reminders or past due notices, you can remind your debtors to complete payments on time.


Design, print, and eye-catching mail newsletters to your subscribers and customers regularly. Using PostGrid’s in-built templates, you can draft creative and professional-looking newsletters.

Legal Documents

Confidential legal documents are required to be mailed in the least time possible and with complete safety. Companies can get it done through PostGrid’s print and mail automation API.

Bank Statements

Banks can print and mail statements to their customers on-time and without any hassles. It is beneficial to their customers as well, as they get quicker access to their bank statements.

Advertising Materials

Now advertise effortlessly and at low costs. With PostGrid, you can send advertising collaterals like personalized letters to your prospective audience.

Tax Forms

Tax forms are essential documents to be sent by every business organization. Moreover, these documents are supposed to be mailed on a timely basis – without any errors or delays.

Features of PostGrid's Online Document Printing and Mailing

Native and Zapier Integrations

With PostGrid’s zero-code integrations, anyone can get started with document printing and mailing swiftly. Companies can get their CRM, human resources management, accounting, or billing software programs integrated with PostGrid’s print and mail API. This integration can help in the quick fetching of information to draft your documents speedily and efficiently. You can also connect with over 1,600 apps with the Zapier integration.

Branding Documents

Add taglines, attention-seeking graphics, personalized messages, and your brand logo to your documents. Mix and match our in-built templates and add these customizations to leave an impact on your audience. Branding documents allow you to communicate with your customers, clients, or prospects in an engaging and persuading manner.

Track Your Documents

PostGrid’s per-piece tracking feature enables companies to track every sent mail item in real-time. Stay updated and also have the records of all the documents sent in the past. Tracking can be very helpful to businesses who would like to follow-up after their mail delivery and take the customer journey ahead.

Address Standardization and Validation

Small errors in mailing addresses can lead to wrong deliveries, delays, mail returns, and misplacements. Avoid these problems by correcting, standardizing, and verifying your mailing lists before mailing. PostGrid’s automation API can validate every address in your mailing lists – to make them error-free and deliverable. Hence, businesses can save a lot of money on reshipping and lost items.

On-Demand and Bulk Mailing

Fetch data within seconds, draft your documents, print, and send them to your intended recipients – all of this can be done irrespective of whether you want to mail a single document or in bulk. On-demand and bulk document mailing can both be accomplished with the same speed and efficiency. The pay-as-you-go feature can help you pay only for the documents actually mailed.

Global Coverage

You can print and mail documents to any part of the world. Yes, you heard that right! PostGrid’s print and mail API facilitates global mailing to around 245 countries. Translate addresses according to the destination country’s script and standardize them as per their postal guidelines.

Benefits of PostGrid's Online Document Printing and Mailing

All-in-One Rates

Typically, document printing and mailing processes demand a lot of inventory stocking and paying for high postal charges. However, PostGrid’s document print and mail solutions can help businesses fetch bulk discounts and get all-in-one rates. Hence, instead of calculating inventory, printing, and mailing costs separately, you can pay according to per-piece rates, which are usually quite lower.


Doing repetitive tasks like folding documents and inserting them into envelopes can be boring and tedious. Moreover, it wastes a lot of time that can be better spent elsewhere. Printing and mailing documents online can help prevent these things and save time.


Flexibility in business helps take the right decisions at the right time and save money. With PostGrid, you can print and mail documents flexibly – in any numbers to anyone and at any time. All small, medium, and large scale businesses can use our print and mail automation API as there are no minimum volume requirements.


Be it high-quality printing or on-time delivery; you can always rely on PostGrid’s solutions for document printing & mailing. You can line-up all your documents to be mailed just by spending a few minutes and making a few clicks.

Timely Reports

Get timely reports of all your sent documents – for efficient record-keeping. Our easy-to-use dashboard can help you track mail, view the campaign analytics, get insights, and do so much more.

Document Security

PostGrid’s print and mail network are compliant with all the required data protection laws and regulations. Hence, you can mail without any concerns regarding document integrity and data confidentiality.

Easy Set-Up

Be up and running in a couple of minutes using PostGrid’s quick API integration. It allows you to start printing and mailing documents without any coding expertise and lengthy procedures.

Increased Productivity

Double your efficiency and productivity by getting rid of all the monotonous tasks and automating your document print and mail jobs. Free your employees from standing in queues outside the post office and tracking your documents one-by-one. You can now just automate everything and get the results.


Document printing requires personalization. From changing your customers’ names on advertising letters to the various payment terms on your invoices, personalization is involved everywhere. PostGrid’s print and mail API allows you to personalize every single document using variable data printing.

Print and Mail Fulfillment

No more contacting different printers and mail vendors to get quotes, negotiate, and select the right ones. Skip over these time-consuming tasks with PostGrid’s document print and mail fulfillment. Get everything done in one go without having to contact and pay different vendors for different things.

What Are the Steps in Printing and Mailing Documents Online?

  1. Integrate PostGrid’s print and mail automation API with your CRM software to import all the data required for drafting documents.
  2. Add your stamp, signature, logo, and customize your documents as per your requirements.
  3. Select your print options – paper stock, size, and coating.
  4. Import your mailing lists or build new lists using various demographics. Let the API handle address validation and verification.
  5. PostGrid’s API can help you select the ideal mail option according to your document type and speed preferences.
  6. Instantly receive the tracking details after mailing. You can access the dashboard and track your documents in real-time as they move through the Royal Mail’s system.
  7. Get the status reports and store them for future reference. You can log in to your account and view these records anytime.

Print and mail documents accurately and effortlessly with PostGrid’s automation API.

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