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Nobody likes sending regular invoices. It’s one of the dullest and most time-consuming tasks. Yet, there is no way businesses can avoid it as the final purchase and the increment in returns broadly depend on it.

So, instead of wasting your time doing these tasks or wasting your money, hiring teams to complete them, get an automated direct mail API. The automated interface helps save time, enables professionalism in each of the invoices being sent, and saves you assets—both in terms of money and labour.

With PostGrid's Print and Mail API,
you get some great features.

High-Quality Invoice Printing

The most important things for a business are credibility, gaining customers’ trust, and showing professionalism. At PostGrid, we help you customize each of the invoices you send. Plus, we ensure that each of them is of high quality, as we understand every document, despite its role and values, reflects the culture of a company. Such invoices get better readability, which helps timely payments.

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Invoice Automation Mailing Solutions

No business would ever want to lose a client over small issues, like an invoice’s delay. These problems might seem small on the surface but they have big consequences. Delays reflect that the company is not professional, and it lacks adequate resources. This afterthought can make the client/customer believe that if they ever come across any problem using your product or services, chances are they’ll stay stuck for days before they hear from you.

These things aren’t right for your business’s growth. Hence, PostGrid helps you send regular automated invoices without much effort from your side. All you have to do is set the details using your dashboard.

Why PostGrid's automated invoice
printing and mailing solution?


PostGrid allows you to personalize each of your direct mail pieces, despite what format, size, or structure it is in. Sending a direct mail with your customers’ first name on it or a personalized note from the company can help increase the engagement rate. Furthermore, it also helps build strong bonds with your customers and keep them for a long time.


Almost all of the invoices have confidential details of your customers. Now, it becomes a must for you to keep this data protected. PostGrid only partners with GDPR, DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 2701 Certified members and helps serve the purpose and ensure end-to-end protection of your customers’ and clients’ data.


At PostGrid, we serve all kinds of businesses, despite their format, industry, and size. Similarly, we offer you the facet to send as many on-demand invoices as you like. There can be an emergency or urgency, and you may need to send a single invoice. With PostGrid, it’s possible. Additionally, if you send regular tens of thousands of invoices, you can send them all with us and still be able to customize them. Furthermore, data security and integrity remain intact.


We understand how essential it is to track the reach of direct mail you send. And when it comes to the invoices, it’s a necessity. Luckily, at PostGrid, you get instant notification of the exact location of all the invoices you sent through our automated API. From processing and printing to the shipping and final delivery, you get notified about each step.

How can PostGrid's automated solution
help your business?

Reduce Manual Work

With PostGrid, you’re sure to reduce the number of employees you have for typical printing or mailing tasks, the resources, and so the money that you might spend on the mailpieces delivered to the wrong addresses.

You don’t need to keep stock of printing supplies, go back and forth to deal with the print vendors or ship tens of thousands of invoices without knowing the status of their delivery.

With PostGird, you set everything from a single dashboard.

Save Time

PostGrid’s automated solution prevents you from giving your precious hours into any of the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in the process.

With PostGrid, you can create all the invoices, customize them with our built-in editor (if needed), and schedule them for the date and time they need to be sent. They will be printed and sent on the desired date without much effort from your end.

Save Resources

Apart from saving time, with PostGrid, you’re also saving a tremendous amount of money and resources. When you create your designs with our HTML editor system, you set the command of print and ship through your dashboard.

From there on, it’s our responsibility to get your direct mail pieces printed and shipped, and you don’t need to keep any printing supplies or run back and forth among different print vendors. Plus, you don’t even need to hire additional staff to get tons of invoices shipped at different times. You can do all of this from a single dashboard.

Ensure Mailing Accuracy

With PostGrid’s integration feature, you can fetch unlimited data from your system by incorporating it with the API. Furthermore, the address validation software will help you check the data’s genuineness by checking it with the official Royal Mail database.

Apart from this, the address verification API helps you format and standardize all of the addresses in your mailing list. This way, we ensure that all of your direct mail pieces will reach the right addresses promptly.

You know how much damage it can do if you send confidential information present on an invoice to the wrong address.


Why should I automate invoice printing and mailing?

When you choose to print and mail your direct mail pieces manually with the traditional method, it’ll eat up tons of your precious hours. Knowing there’s not just one campaign that you’ll launch with your growing business, it’s a wise choice to invest in an automated direct mail API like PostGrid.

Why should I trust PostGrid's invoice printing and mailing solutions?

PostGrid only works with GDPR, DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701 Certified members and ensures the security of your customers’ data. Furthermore, all the direct mail pieces we send are of premium quality yet cost-effective.

Will I be able to track my invoice status?

Yes, you get instant notification of your launched direct mail campaigns. From processing to shipping, you get to track each of the steps involved in the process.

Will you fulfill single piece invoice printing and mailing on demand?

At PostGrid, there’s no minimum requirement. It enables you to send as many as a million or as little as one direct mail piece. You can choose according to your convenience.

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