Benefits of printing and mailing
letters to your customers

High Reach

Unlike emails and online ads, letters can get to your customers without any interruptions as no one can mark them as spam or block them completely. No matter how much effort you’re putting into your marketing campaigns, it’s futile if it has bad reach. Hence, you should invest in direct mail as it’s a wiser option available to grab your prospects’ attention.

Plus, it has a comparatively higher open rate, so your message is bound to be seen. From there on, increasing your response rate is your responsibility. You can do it easily by personalizing your mailpieces and sending them to a highly targeted audience.


In the past, direct mail marketing was a big hassle. Every time-consuming and tiresome task needed to be done manually, and still, there was no specific way to track the campaigns. However, with an automated API, like PostGrid, you can launch your direct mail marketing campaign just like an email campaign.

With this automated API, you can send a number of mailpieces to a highly targeted audience.


Direct mail letters tend to leave a positive impact on your customers and prospects as they’re tangible and people feel valued receiving them—especially, when they’re personalized.

No boundaries

Direct mail marketing can help you reach a wider audience and still allow you to build a personal connection with people due to personalization and the extra efforts involved in it.


Despite the number of direct mail letters you want to send, with the help of PostGrid, you can customize them all and send them to the verified addresses.

You can not only get your customers’ details like their names’ initials on your mailpieces but your own brand details. For example, from getting your logos and website URL to your company’s name and other information printed, you can get it all. You can leverage this feature to increase your brand awareness and improve your relationship with your customers.


Almost every business and company is sending emails and running online ads these days. But if you’d take an extra step and send your customers personalized direct mail letters, your customers and prospects would appreciate it and feel valued. This way, you can expect them to return the favour and get a boost in your response rate.

The Type of Letters That You Can Send

Welcome or Thank You Letter

The first email or the letter that you send to your customers tends to receive the highest open rate. Leveraging this fact is a great idea to build good bonds with your customers and engage them for a better response.

Most companies provide instant answers to the queries or simple notes that customers send in reply to thank-you or welcome letters. It helps them let customers know that your customer support is reliable.

Products or Events Promotion Letters

Direct mail with better headlines can help you get a great response rate and way more business than you can expect. This advantage is mainly because of the great exposure that direct mail gets. Eventually, it provides you a better open rate and response rate. Hence, you can also use them for promoting your events along with the products and solutions.
Its tangible personality will help spread the word easily and efficiently.

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Follow-up Letters

To increase your engagement rate, don’t just follow up with your customers through one means, but with multiple channels. For example, if you send your prospects an email about an event or product, instead of just answering their queries through an email, consider sending them relevant offers and related discounts through direct mail letters. It’ll help them remember your company, increase your brand awareness, and repeat business.

Query Letters

You can send a query direct mail letter through PostGrid. These letters have blanks that your prospects can fill with the necessary details and send back. This way, you can find out how many people are actually interested in doing business with you. Plus, you can also launch a survey this way and find out your prospects’ deepest concerns.

Recruitment Letter

With the increasing business and lack of time, most companies are hiring online which has saturated the market. Knowing this, recruitment companies can consider innovative techniques like sending resumes in bulk through direct mail solutions.

Employees' Recognition Letters

The results of the company, more or less, depends on the employees’ performance. Hence, consider sending personalized direct mail letters to your employees to recognize their efforts. This way, you can motivate them to perform better and improve your company’s results as well.

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PostGrid's Printing and Mailing Solutions

Get rid of all the time-consuming tasks and automate all of your direct mail campaigns’ processing and launch.

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  • Forget about hiring the entire team of designers and all the back-and-forth running involved in getting your direct mail letters printed and shipped. With PostGrid, you can monitor it all through a single dashboard.
  • Get a higher engagement and response rate by personalizing your direct mail pieces.
  • Scale and update your direct mail campaigns anytime.
  • Get a faster turnaround time with good management and timely delivery.
  • Enable priority processing for sending special packages to different customers at a particular time.
  • PostGrid only works with GDPR, DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701  Certified partners and all the addresses present in our system are PAF certified. Hence, all of your and your customer’s data is safe with us.
  • Get automated tracking notifications after launching your direct mail marketing campaign with us. This way, you know precisely where your mailpieces are.
  • Get timely analytical reports of your direct mail campaigns. This step helps you measure and analyze the results of your current launched campaigns, so you can improve your future campaigns and get better results based on it.
  • Incorporate your system with PostGrid and get all of your data instantly within seconds.
  • Verify your entire mailing list with PostGrid’s address validation software. The address details will be checked with the official database of Royal Mail.
  • All the addresses present in our system are PAF certified.
  • Integrate over 1600+ apps with our Zapier integration.
  • Drop your bounce rate and lose direct mail letters by sending all of your mailpieces to the correct addresses.
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Other Perks You Can Enjoy

Automatic Printing and Mailing

It takes a lot of time and resources to produce outstanding and unique direct mail pieces, like, letters, postcards, etc. But if you’re into direct mail marketing, then they’re a necessity. However, there’s always a smarter option available. With PostGrid, you can automate all the tedious tasks involved in direct marketing and launch your campaigns in minimal time with comparatively less amount of time, money, and resources required.

Avoid Repetition

With all the addresses checked with the official database of Royal Mail, we can assure you that all of the addresses present in our system are unique. This way, no direct mail would be repeatedly sent to any of your prospects. Hence, you can also avoid misspending.

Flexibility and Connectivity

With PostGrid, you can launch your direct mail campaigns just like your email marketing promotions. Just set everything and forget about it. Every lead entering your campaign will get an automated response. Hence, it decreases your work and increases the efficiency of your direct mail campaigns.

Improved ROI

Reduce your printing, designing, posting, and shipping cost by investing in a single direct mail automated software. Besides that, with PostGrid’s verification software, you send all of your direct mail letters to the right addresses. Hence, decreasing your bounce rate and the chances of lost mailpieces and dispatching a single letter to the same address more than once. This way, you save a lot of money, time, and resources.

Furthermore, with efficiency and timely delivery and direct mail campaigns, you can expect a better open and response rate, and eventually, better returns.

FAQs For Printing and Mailing Letters

How does PostGrid Work For Printing and Mailing Letters?

PostGrid’s online platform is used to manage the printing and mailing of your direct mail campaigns. Unlike most direct mail programs, it’s relatively easier to use. Follow the following steps to launch your easy direct marketing campaigns.

  • You can also create a design from scratch or upload your own design. 
  • Integrate PostGrid with your system to fetch your mailing list’s data or upload our contact list within minimal time. 
  • Leverage the benefits of a free address validation API, and get all of your mailing list’s data verified within seconds. It helps you reduce your bounce rate, misspending, and lost opportunities.
  • Get instant tracking reports of your launched campaigns with the help of PostGrid. From processing to shipping, PostGrid will notify you about each step.
  • Analyze your current direct mail campaigns with PostGrid’s analytical reports, improve your future marketing campaigns, and get better results.
  • Get rid of all the tiresome manual tasks and automate them all with PostGrid.
  • Monitor each step of your direct mail campaigns with a single dashboard, including user-permission.
  • Get good per piece print price deals with our vast print lab network.

How much does it cost?

You can register at PostGrid and validate all of your direct mail lists before launching your campaigns at no charge at all. For other features’ costs, please contact us with the button at the bottom of this page.

How much can I save if I decide to use PostGrid?

If you decide to invest in PostGrid, a single automated platform for your direct mail campaigns, you can save a lot by different means. With all the tasks done automatically, you can save on the resources, funds, and staff’s efforts.

Furthermore, with address validation software, you send all of your direct mail pieces to the addresses verified with the official database of Royal Mail. This way, you reduce your bounce rate and hence, drop your misspending significantly.

Can I send letters containing sensitive information?

We only partner with GDPR, UK – DPA (Data Protection Act), ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 2701 Certified members, which enables you to send all of your direct mail pieces, including the ones with sensitive information, safely. For example, billing statements, cheques, invoices, financial statements, compliance notices, or so.

How long would I need to wait for the delivery of my letters?
It might take anywhere between 5-7 days for your letter delivery in your direct mail marketing campaigns with the traditional methods. However, at PostGrid, once you’ve submitted your finalized direct mail letter, all of your mailpieces will get printed and shipped within two business days.

How does the payment system work at PostGrid?

At PostGrid, you can make the payments through multiple ways, such as credit card, PayPal, band transfer, etc. If you wish to receive the regular invoices, you can also request for that.

How many letters can I send at a time?

Based on your need, you can send as many letters as you want. From one to one million-plus direct mail pieces can be sent at one time. For example, if you have an emergency and you need to send a single direct mail, then you can get it printed and mailed without any hassle.

You don’t need to worry about running out of printing supplies, folding countless letters, keeping them in envelopes, or running back and forth to the different print vendors to get your letters printed and the post office for shipping them.

With PostGrid, you can get everything done with a few clicks—monitoring everything from a single dashboard.

Apart from letters, what kind of direct mail can I send with PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you can send a number of different direct mail pieces.

Cheques: With fully compliant processing and operational standards through our network of print and mail partners, secure hosting and IT infrastructure, you can send cheques containing confidential information of you and your customers’ data without any worry.

Letters: If you’re a B2B company or you sell products and services that require prospects to make informed decisions, then sending them marketing (or educational) letters is a wiser choice. Plus, with the help of PostGrid, you can send them hassle-free.

Postcards: Sending regular or occasional postcards can never hurt. Especially, when strengthening bonds with customers and increasing brand awareness is your primary goal.

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