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Printing and Mailing Guide in 2024: How to Get Started

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Printing and Mailing Guide in 2024: How to Get Started

Print and mail have been an integral part of the business. From sending out business agreements to personalised postcards, print and mail have become an ongoing process.

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After the Covid-19 outburst last year, 2021 has brought hope with fresh opportunities for companies to re-establish their business operations and make their place back in the market. Perhaps, it is the best time now to make use of technological advancements and boost up your print and mail campaigns. Direct mail can help businesses advertise better and engage more customers. Hence, let us first get to know what direct mail is, followed by understanding its benefits and how it can induce conversions.

What is a Direct Mail?

Direct mail is a form of offline marketing wherein businesses send out day-to-day transactional and compliance messages as well as marketing correspondence directly through the mail. In today’s digital era, this marketing channel is considered to be highly personal and more effective.

Companies that incorporate direct mail into their marketing strategies are more likely to reach their prospects and form an emotional bond. This bond, in turn, can get people to respond to your mail and even buy from you. The idea behind direct mail, as the name goes, is to reach out to customers and prospects directly instead of posting something online and waiting for the responses.

What is Print and Mail?

As said earlier, print and mail is required by almost all companies. Oftentimes, employees are burdened with tasks like loading and unloading paper in the printer or affixing stamps on envelopes.

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Though these tasks sound simple, repeatedly doing them can be boring, time-consuming, and affect the productivity of an organization. Hence, businesses should consider automated print and mail solutions like PostGrid that can assist them in this work and save a lot of time and effort, and also increase efficiency.

How Does Print and Mail Solutions Work?

1. Select the Mail Item

Firstly, you have to decide what mail item you will be sending. If the motive behind mailing is marketing, you can opt for postcards and letters. Using a print and mail API, you can also send invoices, receipts, notices, agreements, statements, cheques, and more.

2. Personalise

After the selection of your mail item, you can move a step further and personalise these items. You can choose to add your brand logo for better visibility and awareness. Similarly, using variable data printing, you can also add your recipient’s name and personalised text. Choose from among PostGrid’s in-built templates and get started.

3. Verify Mailing Addresses

Before you mail on any address, it is important to verify it to avoid lost or returned mail. PostGrid’s automated direct mail solutions offer address verification and validation to help you verify any number of addresses. This way, you can save on reshipping costs and mail accurately. Address verification helps you deliver your mail to the right addresses speedily.

4. Printing and Mailing

Once you are ready with your mail design and mailing lists, printing and mailing come to the picture. Print and mail solutions help you print and mail items directly without you having to contact any printers or mail vendors. PostGrid’s print and mail network can help you print your items through reputed printers and then send them out through Royal Mail.

5. Track Your Mail and Measure Performance

Manual mailing can make tracking hectic. You have to enter all the tracking numbers manually on the Royal Mail’s website. On the other hand, print and mail solutions allow you to track in real-time with the help of an easy-to-use dashboard. It offers a consolidated view of all your sent mail. You can also get campaign insights and measure performance easily.

Bulk Printing and Scalable Campaigns

A print and mail API like PostGrid is scalable and allows you to print and mail in bulk. There are no minimum requirements and no upper limits. You can decide whether you want to conduct a small or large-scale campaign. Print and mail solutions can scale to accommodate your growing business needs. Therefore, you can go on with printing and mailing any number of direct mail items confidently.

Types of Printing and Mailing Solutions

There are several direct mail items that can be printed and mailed as part of your campaigns. From marketing to transactional, PostGrid’s automated solutions can assist you with all your print and mail activities. Some of the direct mail items are listed below:

5 Print and Mail Marketing Trends for 2021 That Can Upscale Your Business

1. Create a Personal Connection

Aim at creating personal bonds through printing and mailing direct mail pieces. People have always valued a personal touch in marketing communications, and sending thoughtful mail can be a really good gesture. Hence, personalised mail is more likely to catch the attention of your audience. Print and mail items that reflect professionalism and kindness.

2. Offer a Solution

Before explaining the features of your product or service, explain its benefits. It is advisable to reach out to a relevant audience and offer a solution to their problems. For example, banks can reach out to the elderly to offer them beneficial retirement plans. By offering solutions, you can attract more responses and boost engagements.

3. Incorporate Omnichannel Marketing

Companies have started using direct mail marketing along with email marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. Omnichannel marketing helps reach out to your audience using several channels so that no customer is missed. Add trackable features like pURLs and QR codes to trace responses and also drive online traffic through print and mail marketing.

4. Focus on Creating the Experience

Direct mail is no longer old or traditional. In 2021, direct mail is likely to top the list of effective marketing channels. Direct mail can bridge the gap between people caused by the pandemic. Businesses should focus on providing an impressive experience to their prospects and current customers. It can be done by sending thank-you postcards to their existing customers and handwritten letters to their potential customers.

5. Automate

Today, most things are automated, making the work so much faster and easier. Similarly, print and mail can also be automated. Why not make use of the latest technology when it leads to saved costs and effort along with improving results? PostGrid’s automated print and mail API can help you integrate with your CRM speedily and start mailing in no time.

Benefits of Automated Print and Mail Solutions

  • Easy Management: No need to spend hours managing direct mail campaigns or guessing the response rates. Automated mail is easy to manage and track.
  • Saved Costs: With the ability to mail in bulk, you can avail highly discounted postal rates. Moreover, by verifying addresses beforehand, you can avoid reshipping and wastages.
  • 24 x 7 Expert Support: In case you require any assistance or want to solve a query, automated print and mail solutions like PostGrid can help you 24 x 7. Just dial the toll-free number and get in touch.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility to mail at any time to anyone and from anywhere can only be offered by automated solutions. Moreover, you can choose a template, add customizations, personalise, print, mail, and track using one single dashboard.
  • Security: PostGrid is compliant with the rules of the Data Protection Act, 2018 and is also ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 2701 certified. Hence, your data privacy and confidentiality are always protected.

PostGrid’s print and mail API can handle everything from designing to mailing. So, you don’t have to give designing, printing, and mailing contracts to different vendors after weeks of getting quotes and negotiating rates. Simply integrate our API with your system and get started with print and mail effortlessly.

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