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Same Day Cheque Printing

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same day cheque printing

Same Day Cheque Printing

All businesses and individuals might need to make quick cheque payments at some point in time. However, sometimes we run out of cheques and need an immediate solution to it. The best way is to be able to print cheques for use on the same day. It comes in handy for situations where you need to make urgent payments.

same day cheque printing

Same-day cheque printing can be done in numerous ways, which we will discuss ahead. Using these ways, you can avoid payment bounces and maintain your brand image. Some of these ways also offer cheque printing at much lesser costs than as charged by your bank. You can even add customizations and brand your cheques. Therefore, printing your cheques this way provides both flexibility and speed.

How to Get Your Cheques Printed on the Same Day?

1. Visit Your Nearest Bank Branch

If you need cheques immediately, one of the quickest methods is to visit your nearest bank branch and ask them for a couple of emergency cheques. They might ask you to show your old checkbook and a government-authorized ID. Moreover, you will also need to pay a certain amount to avail of those cheques immediately. Before visiting the bank, make sure that it is not a bank holiday on that day.

Counter Cheques

Counter cheques are the ones that can be printed and given to you in just a few minutes. They are similar to starter cheques, have minimal information on them, and work similarly to your official cheques. Starter cheques are given to new account holders for use until their official cheque-book is ready and mailed to them. They are given free of cost, but counter cheques can be availed by paying a nominal fee.

Carry your ID with you as the bank teller will issue counter cheques only after checking your ID. Moreover, it is recommended to call the branch first and check whether they issue counter cheques — accordingly, you can visit a branch that can immediately give counter cheques.

Getting counter cheques is an excellent option in case of emergencies. However, you should be aware that a lot of vendors do not accept counter cheques. Though they are a legal monetary instrument, some vendors might think that they are invalid. It is because counter cheques are not numbered and look temporary. Therefore, this might not always be an option for you.

Certified Cheques

Certified cheques, as the name suggests, are certified by a bank or financial institution. Banks guarantee that the payments made through these cheques shall be honored. A bank account holder can visit the bank and avail of certified cheques for a fee. The bank views the cheque amount and verifies whether their bank balance is sufficient to cover that amount. If yes, they issue a certified cheque. Hence, payments made with certified cheques are guaranteed by the bank and are never bounced.

If there are any trust issues between two parties or when they are dealing for the first time, a certified cheque can be given to guarantee clearance. Like counter cheques, certified cheques can also be availed immediately by visiting the nearest bank branch.

Certified cheques are pretty expensive, and you cannot stop a payment once the cheque has been given to the payee. These are two major drawbacks of certified cheques. It also has one major advantage – all vendors accept certified cheques as it guarantees payment to them. These cheques look exactly like the official cheques, just with the word “certified” on the top.

Cashier’s Cheques

The cheques drawn and fulfilled by the bank are known as cashier’s cheques. These cheques are cleared using the bank’s funds rather than the account holder’s funds. Therefore, the payment is guaranteed – similar to certified cheques. The funds equivalent to your cheque’s amount must be present in your bank account. The cashier will check your bank balance and accordingly sign on the cashier’s cheque.

Cashier’s cheques have various security features like watermarks. Another thing to note is that you can’t get blank cashier’s cheques. You need to present the payee’s details and your ID, and your bank account details to get the cashier’s cheques. Again, these cheques are expensive – which is why you should use them only in case of emergencies.

Money Orders

Money orders are a cheaper alternative to cheques. Anyone can avail them, irrespective of whether they have a bank account. Unlike cheques, money orders are also available at many conveniences, medical, and even grocery stores. Money orders come in different denominations, which means that you might have to purchase more than one money order to reach up to your desired amount. Though these aren’t cheques, money orders are a good option for getting a payment instrument on the same day.

Online Cheque Issuing

For companies and individuals with a chequing account with a bank, online banking options are easily available. With the help of online banking, it is possible to issue cheques online. All you have to do is fill out all the required fields such as payee name and amount. Once you order your bank to draw the cheque, it will directly send it to your intended recipient. Either the bank sends an e-cheque to the payee or mails it to them at their physical address. If you run out of cheques, this option is pretty convenient and quick.

2. Print Cheques Yourself

Instead of being reliant on your bank, why not print cheques yourself? It is quick, easy, and cost-effective. However, you need to have a printer and the required inventory like magnetic ink and cheque paper. You might also need a cheque writing software like PostGrid to help you with cheque drafting and printing.

For getting same-day cheque printing done, it is better to rely on yourself rather than your bank. There is no need to visit any branch or wait in a queue — you can get it all done by yourself.

3. Contact a Local Printer

In case you don’t have a printer, contact a local printing vendor that can print your cheques on the same day. You might still have to draft your own cheques, but they can help you eliminate inventory stocking.

However, make sure that you don’t depend too much on this option as the hours of operation and working days of printing vendors may vary, and you might not immediately get the work done as desired.

4. Use Cheque Printing and Mailing Automation Solutions

Online cheque printing is getting popular as solutions like PostGrid are readily available. PostGrid’s cheque printing and mailing solutions empower you to get any number of cheques printed at any time and from anywhere. You don’t have to do anything or go anywhere. PostGrid’s print and mail automation API can seamlessly integrate with your accounting software to fetch the required data and autofill your cheques. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything – everything from drafting to printing is done in an automated way.

Furthermore, PostGrid also allows you to mail cheques to the payees directly. Using online cheque printing, you can print cheques on the same day and get them shipped in one go.

  • Brand your cheques by adding your logo and additional graphics
  • Track your cheques in real-time once they are mailed
  • Print and mail cheques securely with extra features like holograms, chemical reactivity, coloured backgrounds, and more
  • Be in control of everything from managing user permissions to getting detailed reports
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Differences Between Certified Cheques, Cashier’s Cheques, and Money Orders

  • All certified cheques are signed by the bank account holder themself, but it needs a bank cashier to sign the cashier’s cheques. The word “certified” is mentioned on certified cheques, whereas the word “cashier’s cheque” is mentioned on top of cashier’s cheques.
  • Though both these types of cheques are guaranteed by the bank and have high-security features, they are drawn on different accounts. Certified cheques are drawn on the payer’s or the drawer’s account. On the other hand, cashier’s cheques are drawn on the bank’s funds, so you can say that they are drawn on the bank’s account.
  • In the case of certified cheques, you pay the cheque from your funds, whereas in the case of cashier’s cheques, you pay the bank to make further payments to your client.
  • Coming to money orders, they are pretty cheap as compared to both certified and cashier’s cheques.
  • Money orders are not guaranteed financial instruments. Since the entire amount is paid at the time of purchase, there is no need for certification or guarantee.
  • Money orders can be purchased at places other than financial institutions. Certified and cashiers’ cheques can only be availed at banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions.
  • A single certified or cashier’s cheque can be used to pay the entire amount, but you might need several money orders to make the payment of a certain amount.

The Final Word

Same-day cheque printing can be done in various ways – from contacting your bank to figuring it out on your own. When you contact your bank for emergency cheques, you are likely to pay a fee. However, if you use online cheque printing solutions, you don’t have to pay any extra fee. Therefore, printing your own cheques is much more speedy and affordable.

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