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Flyer Sizes and Dimensions

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why use flyers as marketing tool

What Is The Best Flyer Size For Your Marketing Your Business?

Isn’t it weird that the size of things we use or consume continues to change throughout our lives? Think about it. Our clothes, our transportation, and even the portion of the food we eat are constantly evolving with us. Whether we like it or not, this change is unavoidable. And you may not have noticed this, but this change is also evident in the flyer size for your marketing campaigns.

The flyer size also changes with its target audience and specific marketing goals. For instance, suppose your target audience is elderly citizens above sixty. Here you would want to use a larger flyer and extra big fonts to help them read your message better.

why use flyers as marketing tool

Similarly, the flyer dimensions also tend to change depending on the target audience and other aspects. However, you can’t just pick a size you want for your marketing flyers. There are standards to everything, including the size of your marketing flyers. And if you use it right, flyer marketing can be tremendously fruitful.

“48% of customers respond to leaflet or flyer advertising” – DMA.

Furthermore, picking a standard flyer size makes it easier to produce and mail your flyers. Hence, it is in your best interest to learn all you can about the standard sizes you can use for your marketing flyers.

If you agree with everything that we said above, you should read the remainder of this article. Why? Because here, we discuss the standard flyer size you should use for your marketing campaigns and when you should use them.

A4 Flyer Size

The A4 size flyer is the most common type of marketing flyer in the UK and most other parts of the world. Business organizations typically use A4 flyer size for promoting special events, such as the grand opening of a new outlet.

As it is of standard size, the A4 flyer size is generally easy to print and produce. There are several cost-effective options for printing your flyers in this standard size. Furthermore, the A4 flyer size is perfect if you want to try out leaflet marketing as a one-time thing. 

Finding a printer willing to print your marketing flyer at a reasonable cost is much easier if you use a standard A4 marketing flyer. Hence, you should note that your marketing flyer dimensions must not exceed the A4 size. If the flyer size extends beyond the measure, it may become a poster. 

Why Is the A4 Flyer Size Suitable For Your Business?

The A4 size mailer is an ideal choice in many situations. As you can guess, the key is to identify these situations and employ the apt flyer dimensions for your marketing efforts. Your A4 size flyer should have dimensions measuring 210mm in width and 297mm in length.

The first and foremost reason to use an A4 standard flyer size is that it is indeed the standard dimension for flyers. It means you have superior convenience and minimal cost for your marketing flyers. In other words, it is much easier to implement and manage your flyer marketing campaigns because of the standard size.

Convenience And Practicality

A Ferrari may be the better car, but a Volvo is always the more practical option. Finding the parts for a Ferrari is much more complex and costly, whereas a Volvo is easily serviceable. Similarly, finding designs and templates that fit an A4 flyer size for your campaigns is significantly easier.

You can even use your designs or modify a template directly on your office computer. Furthermore, printing and mailing flyers via an automated tool like PostGrid is much quicker when you use standard flyer dimensions for your business.    

Universally Accepted

Another reason for using standard flyer dimensions for your business’s marketing efforts is that it is universally accepted. In other words, your customer will likely take a flyer with a familiar or convenient size. On the other hand, using a large marketing flyer can seem odd, and it is not easy to carry around, either. 

When Should You Use A4 Flyer Size For Your Business?

The A4 flyer size is ideal for practically any type of flyer you want to use because it is the standard size. However, most organizations use A4-size flyers for advertising a new store’s opening or seasonal sales. 

The A4 size flyers are also pretty standard in trade shows and other events. The A4 flyer size dimensions make it ideal for people to carry around during such events or tuck inside their bags or pockets. Furthermore, it is also a great choice if you want reasonably priced, high-quality flyers.

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A6 Flyer Size

The A6 flyer size is the most popular after the standard A4 size flyers. However, the dimensions of an A6 size flyer are much smaller than the A4 flyer. An A6 size flyer measures just 148mm in length and 105mm in width. As you can see, these dimensions are significantly smaller than A4.

Although smaller than the standard A4 flyer size, the A6 marketing flyers are an effective way to reach out to the customer. Its practicality and effectiveness make you realize that sometimes, good things come in small packages. 

Furthermore, the smaller size does well not overwhelm the target audience. You may even say that the smaller flyer dimensions make it look almost cute. Nonetheless, it can still house all the essential information without causing too much confusion.

Why Is the A6 Flyer Size Suitable For Your Business?

Sometimes, the customer may not accept a marketing flyer you hand out to them without even bothering to check it out. You may have also done the same thing at some point because folding it up and putting it in the bag is too much trouble. The A6 flyer size is a perfect remedy for this.

Easy To Carry Around Or Store

The smaller A6 flyer size practically takes up zero space, and the audience can quickly put it in their pockets or bags. In many ways, it is like a biker gliding through traffic. It can get into nooks and crannies that more oversized vehicles (flyers) can’t possibly navigate. 

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily make the A6 flyer size dimensions better than A4 or other more giant flyers. For instance, the amount of information you can shove inside the small space is not so enormous. Hence, you may have to cherry-pick what information you want to show the customer and what you don’t. 

Cheaper To Produce And Easier To Handle

With an A6 flyer size, you are using significantly less paper, ink, and other resources. Hence, you spend much less on printing and mailing your flyers. As a result, producing and sending such mailers is significantly cheaper. 

Furthermore, the logistics for this flyer dimension are also more accessible and cheaper. Hence, you can either expand your marketing scope or minimize your flyer marketing expenses. Either way, your business greatly benefits from using the A6 size flyer for your marketing efforts. 

When Should You Use A6 Flyer Size For Your Business?

You can often see companies using A6 flyers during significant events, including trade shows. As you can imagine, every potential target under such circumstances would have several brochures in their hands, including from your competition. The small size of flyers makes them convenient for carrying around.

However, as we mentioned, you can also use the standard A4 size flyer for this purpose. But, the A6 flyer size would be a better option if you need not elaborate too much on the product/service. Furthermore, it helps you highlight only the points that customers need to know about the product or service you are selling. 

Other Flyer Sizes To Consider For Your Business

The A4 and A6 flyers are great options for marketing your product or service. However, they are not the only flyer sizes you can consider for your business. Below, we discuss some other flyer dimensions to consider for your business. 

A5 Flyers

As you can guess from the name, the A5 flyer size has dimensions that lay between the A4 and A6 flyers. More accurately, the A5 marketing flyer measures 148 mm in width and 210 mm in length. As you can guess, the investment for A5 marketing flyers is less than the A4 size flyers because they are smaller.

Although A5 is a standard paper size, some printers exclusively deal with A4 or A6 flyers. So, there is a possibility that your local printer does not print marketing materials in the A5 standard flyer size. However, it should not be too difficult to find a printer. 

The A5 flyer size is an excellent fit for start-ups and small organizations that have limited marketing budgets. It is also ideal for your business if you think the A4 size is too big for your content and the A6 is too small. They provide adequate space for your marketing message and do not require you to reduce the information excessively. 

A7 Flyers

The A7 flyer size is relatively rare because it is much smaller than the other flyers. Remember how we likened the A6 flyer to a bike and the A4 to a car earlier? By that logic, the A7 mailer would be a bicycle at best if you look at it like that. 

And much like a bicycle, the A7 flyers are also easy to manoeuvre or transport because they are tiny and light. The audience can easily fit it inside their pockets, bag or even their wallet, making its flyer dimensions extremely convenient.

On the other hand, the space for your marketing message decreases significantly compared to the standard A4 size flyer. Hence, it is not the ideal flyer choice in every situation. Ensure you fit all the essential information inside the small flyer dimension before choosing the A7 flyer for your business.

Automated Flyer Marketing

Automation is the best approach when picking a standard flyer dimension and mailing it to your target audience. With the help of a print and mail automation system like PostGrid, you can easily carry out your flyer marketing campaign.

Convenient Flyer Marketing

The best thing about using an automated direct mail system like PostGrid for flyer marketing is convenience. It allows you to sit back and relax once you finish the initial set-up of the campaign. You have to pick a template and the flyer size for the campaign, and the system will do the rest for you.

Bulk Mailing

With an advanced system like PostGrid, it becomes significantly easy to implement bulk mail campaigns for your business. Using a simple CSV file, you can send personalized flyers and other mail to your customers using PostGrid. And, of course, this includes enabling you to choose a standard flyer size for your campaign.

We have helped numerous clients streamline their bulk mailing process. One of the clients – an expert in elderly care, is now able to send 10,000 mailings a month with ease, thanks to our advanced print and mail API. You can also optimize your mailing capabilities and choose the apt flyer size by connecting PostGrid’s REST API with your website, including your CRM solution.

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